Saturday, June 3, 2017

This and That--Saturday June 3, 2017

Extremely sunny outside. The plaster of dirty clouds is gone off the knee of sky. Now we have no more tornado visions.
Too bad we're not in the mountains but Helva is driving us batty with the door latch signal problem beeping plaintively that the door is not closed when it is.
This is getting fixed at the Freedom Ford place. My grump e-mails to the Ford Canada place may have softened hearts. I don't know. It is getting done cheaper although i don't feel that we should be paying for the defect in the door latch sensing system. I haven't yet written to the CEO but I will since I see no reason why I should not be given his e-mail to yap with him. Just who does the CEO of Ford Canada think he or she is that she can be kept away from Ford customers?
What will I say to the Ford CEO? I'd say nicely that there are electronics problems in Ford cars that I have found out about that the engineers should fix so that customers don't spend upwards of $400 to get the problem diagnosed and fixed. Mind you if I had not yapped to Ford Canada this problem would have cost upwards of $1,000 so my feeling is that this problem and its resolution is a money maker for Ford dealerships.
What to do about Helva? She's more expensive than I had planned. Also she is nice but I originally wanted to replace the minivan with another Toyota. I guess we will eventually trade her in when we have time for a second hand Toyota. I don't know.
Right now the sun is beaming, the Helva is getting fixed soon and the mountains are far away. I am still reading Edward Abbey's book that I told you about-:Desert Solitaire --which makes me feel that a desert landscape is more peaceful than Edmonton, Alberta. Mind you I lived in a desert in Kuwait and the only good thing about this time was the ocean. Maybe the ocean landscape is best.
The book (by Edward Abbey) is very good. Once I get through all the other books from the library and a portion of the lawsuit review I will request more books by this writer as I am fully conversant with the massive effort required to make a seamless book like this one. It's far too much work.
Where was I? I will go make tea and toast. I will water the geraniums. I will fix Helva. I will pick up mum. I will go for a walk with mum if she is up to it. I will savour my life.
I will eat chicken curry that dad made with rice. I will polish my mind. I will work on the habit of courage. I will speak encouragingly to younger boy who has still not done the learner's test since yesterday we got side tracked. I will review the medical records and prepare for a lawsuit that turned up like a swarm of locusts on my farm of writing. I will be happy no matter what because all the events of my life are my life and why worry about any of this stuff when it's all chaos for the most part that we regulate like government to approximate controlled? I will yap with hubby who will come with me to fix Helva. I will look at the blue skies of Alberta and the mushy fake marsh in my neighbourhood and know I am in the right place at the best time in creation and be grateful as Velvet has mentioned to us all for the good people who have turned up like guests at a wedding to help me through it all.
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