Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This and That -Part 2 Tuesday June 20, 2017

I just got back from Dr. Climenhaga. Dad is grocery shopping. Mum is drinking her tea with salt. I put out small bits of food for her to snack on.
The sky looks very cloudy and I wonder if it will rain.
 I have decided to make hotdogs for younger boy today. It's not a super meal but it was busy and it is the best I can do.
As for the house clean up, I got three bags of coats, old shoes and other stuff to take to the Goodwill which I will do when I drop off mum.
There is still more stuff to go through. It's no use holding on to stuff because there is always more stuff that I will collect. At least I have stopped buying plants since the garden will not accept another peony.
The orange Oriental poppy is very scandalous right now and floating about with her big orange silks in the back where I had dumped a pile of ossified sunflower stems that I was going to mulch but haven't got to yet. Meanwhile there are iris blooming complacently in the front bed where the baby Ohio Buckeye is somewhat overwhelmed by the Bergenia leaves covering her.
Even the Virginia creeper that I thought I had destroyed last year because of the fly infestation has come back from the dead. I will watch her and see if she is clean of the infestation or she will be ripped out again. Most of my delphiniums have the fungus so I had to pull them out. They were looking very ragged and with their blackened leaves it was pathetic.
Well I better go clean the house while dad is shopping for groceries. Soon it will be time to bring mum back and she's already restive.
Better go. The temptation is always to swill words but its best to go clean toilets instead.
The king and the jester

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