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This and That - Monday June 5, 2017

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When I went out just now with a jug of water to fill the bird bath, a small brown bird was at the fence line looking happy (I tend to give emotions to birds). The bird bath filled, I looked over the garden where the spent iris blooms have mostly been cut off since I don't want the plants expending energy on seedheads.
The younger boy got to make his sandwich today as I figured that is it time. Next summer I hope to have him in his own place. He will be nineteen next year. After he has got the driving down pat and learns to make a few meals I believe it is best for him to live in a place of his own. We will be near by but we need him to be as independent as he can be since we will kick the bucket eventually and he has to be taking care of himself. Older boy is busy in his own career and while helpful he can't be the side kick of younger boy. Besides it is good for folks to leave home. The earlier kids leave home the more they wish to come back home. Paying for bills has something to do with this business.
When I was outside I noted that I could do some work in the garden. My sister in law wants the iris divisions as well as some of the bicoloured grass that I have put in the nursery bed there for later. Since it is not unbearably hot I may do this or I may go for a walk. I noted a woman with a child sluggishly moving down the side walk and it seemed a good thing to do.
Or I could keep going with the investigations. I don't know. I have finished the Edward Abbey book and I am now searching for the rest of his works on TAL Online as the library in Edmonton does not seem to bulge with his books.
I liked the book I read - below and I feel that this writer offers more. I read the book too fast and now will read it again to get the full meal deal.
The other six books that I have from the library are due in a few days and I have to return them as they are TAL Online books and can't be renewed.
The cherries I got this morning are sitting in the fridge like virgins about to be molested. I left them in their bags as I am sure that when mum comes tomorrow and then Rebecca, they will like to see them in their original bulging bags of promise.
Younger boy has been left to do what he does with his animation project. It is best to leave a genius child like him to do what he wants. I have found after a decade of enrichment of child brains that the children (at least my sons) do not appreciate enrichment and would far rather I left them alone to enrich their own brains which I reluctantly had to do after most of their childhood was wasted on playgroups, Kindermusik, swimming, reading to them, etc. It's clear to me that if a child is passionate about something then it is best to let said child spend all his waking hours on the said passionate thing what ever it is. So far I have not seen anything of these animation projects as I do not have any interest in animation but hubby has told me that this work is interesting stuff.
In any case, he was supposed to get a summer job. Day after day I watch the boy across the street who was one of younger boy's neighbourhood play gang go off to indentured slavery at the local SaveOnFood to earn his paycheck while day after day (and night after night) younger boy does something on the computer just like I do on my computer. Hubby tells me not to compare the paid industriousness of another kid with the unpaid industriousness of our kid but I feel younger boy needs to earn money and find out how to use it. I mean when I am dead who will do his groceries? How will he pay for a mortgage? Where will he go when he needs cash?
So a job. I looked everywhere and got him to apply but no luck so far. I will now have to look for an animation contract on the Internet. It is best to start before he has to go into second year as his projects will eat up all his time in NAIT.
Well enough yapping. The bird bath is a success. The birds that will pass by will stop for a drink. I will imitate the woman with her child and shuffle off for a walk. Eventually I will continue writing my series on Cold Lake terminations as this is an interesting albeit sad topic.
Life is short. Best to be passionate about what you love doing and do it.
Desert Solitaire
A Season in the Wilderness
By Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989.
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Book - 1990 | First Touchstone edition.
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