Monday, June 26, 2017

This and That-- Monday June 26, 2017

Pale light outside. Wind blowing on the firs. The trickle of early morning motion on the street. Monday.
The pink geranium inside the writing room is rosy with relief. The other geraniums are flocks of leaves. Tumble of spent blooms on the desk where the geraniums and violets are trucking along with growth.
Once I have the breakfast done I will wake up younger boy who will be going out today. I've looked up some information on programs on Digital Media and we're going to do more research.
We simply choose the nearest program for him at NAIT but I now see that there are other places he could go for the in depth training that might help him with his future.
I am slowly collecting information on the programs so that I might help him with next steps. I should have done such work with older boy but I did not. It's important to plan for transitions and I need to do some work on this transition from NAIT to the next program for younger boy.
Driving lessons still have not begun. We will get the insurance changed first.
Right now I feel very mellow. The sun is creeping over the slushy field of clouds. The fir trees are being pummelled by the fists of the wind. The geraniums are mocking the winter in pink and red. Everything seems to be in growth mode. Let me go have my breakfast, wake up younger boy and then do the appointment with Rebecca for her mammogram.
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