Monday, June 12, 2017

This and That - Monday June 12, 2017

The walk just now was buggy and I think I have been bitten but at least the walk was done so now older boy owes me 11 hours of reading.
The boy has yet to start a book.
I went to the Riverbend Library to get some books on geniuses. I believe younger boy is one and although it is late in the day I will work on him before sending him out to look for a job.
He has applied for jobs but no luck.
I will have to create a job for him and then find him contracts.
Construction of a business is not difficult and he can do creative work; its just a matter of finding the contracts.
Maybe I should start a business finding contracts for kids who do animation.
In any case, the walk is done, I have got several books on geniuses, mum got her feet done at the White Oaks place here where I might have to take younger boy as well. He dropped a bench at school and the toe that got damaged has a defective air about it. I don't know if Dr. Colliton should see it or Dr. Sonnema.
In any case, younger boy's squashed toe nail needs to be seen.
Where was I in this post? Walking. The buggy walk did not prevent me from going to the marsh where the red winged blackbirds were yapping. They are far nicer than the whiskey jacks I saw at Lake Louise this last weekend. The whiskey jacks were furtive things scrabbling in the trees or down the trail walk. Not as friendly sounding as the red winged blackbirds that I saw all over the dugouts on the way back and forth on the road cattails. It's a pleasant thing to see a red winged blackbird swinging back and forth; its a hypnotic sort of motion and then to hear the bird singing for the sake of the drab little female birds-well it's a won contest in my mind so I don't know why the whiskey jack was chosen as the national bird.
When I got back from the walk I was going to take younger boy out but he had retired strategically to bed. I will take him out for a walk tomorrow.
Tomorrow I bring mum home after shopping. I have already had a phone call from Rebecca for her home visit on Wednesday. Then dad has a cardiology visit on Thursday so I am booked solid.
Friday I am off to hike again. What hike am I on now?
Hike #8. I was going to do the Mount Yamnuska trail for this hike but my knees are still troubling me so I will do something with a gentler grade to it. Don't know what. Will think of it later.…/geographic-society-proposes-the-g…/
OTTAWA – A two-year-long, Canada-wide search has resulted in the gray jay — also known as the whiskey jack — being chosen as Canada’s national bird by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.
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