Friday, June 30, 2017

This and That--Friday June 30, 2017

We haven't yet had supper. It is very hot. The sun is a needle in the sky shining through the fabric of the white clouds. I have been to the Riverbend Public Library and now I have a pile of reading to do.
Younger boy is still slaving on his portfolio and since I have no background in animation I can't help him. He has to do everything by himself or learn over the Internet.
I finally watered the geraniums and African violets in the writing room as they were panting and on their way out. It's very steamy in the writing room and I feel like falling asleep but I have to stay awake to get through the Avram Davidson Treasury. I have written about some of these short stories on my blog because some of them were heartbreaking but this second time around through the book ensures that I get every bit of goodness out of it.
The fridge is full of food we had left over from the BBQ last Sunday which was the Father's Day party. Now tomorrow is Canada Day. I guess I should do something but we will probably have hot dogs again.
In everything I do I put love first. Will this work help or hinder? Will it support or destroy? It's a good way to be in the world and I am proud of myself for living my values. Sometimes you don't get to do the right thing because life is a compromise but most of the time I have the good fortune to live life according to my values.
Mostly I believe in the L word --LOVE.
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