Friday, June 30, 2017

The Avram Davidson treasury A tribute collection. Edited by Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis.

I have had a quick breakfast and I am off to the library to return my library books.
The peonies are now very flagrant in the garden and it will soon be time for them to be deadheaded.
Younger boy is asleep still and will be woken up to have lunch.
It is already late. I have been reading "Avram Davidson Treasury". It is an amazing book. I have read it in the past but this book is well worth reading to dissect how the writer made us feel.
We have stories that make us think and think deeply. But to have stories that go beyond thinking to feeling the heart of a problem--well that is different.
I have requested more of his books from TAL Online and I'd best go to the library to return and pick up the books that are there.
The Avram Davidson treasury
a tribute collection
edited by Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis
Book Book - 1998
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The Avram Davidson treasury
A tribute collection.
Edited by Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis.
Book Book - 1998
AUTHOR Davidson, Avram
ISBN 0312867298 (acid-free paper)
DESCRIPTION "A Tom Doherty Associates book."
Foreword: Oh, Avram, Avram, what a wonder you were! / by Robert Silverberg -- Foreword: Starship Avram: a writers' memorial party / by Grania Davis -- The fifties. My boy friend's name is Jello -- The golem -- The necessity of his condition -- Help! I am Dr. Morris Goldpepper -- Now let us sleep -- Or the grasses grow -- Or all the seas with oysters -- Take wooden Indians -- Author, author -- Dagon -- Ogre in the vly -- The woman who thought she could read -- The sixties. Where do you live, Queen Esther? -- The sources of the Nile -- The affair at Lahore Cantonment -- Revolver -- The tail-tied kings -- The price of a charm; or, The lineaments of gratified desire -- Sacheverell -- The house the Blakeneys built -- The Goobers -- The power of every root -- The seventies. Selectra six-ten -- Goslin day -- Polly Charms, the sleeping woman -- And don't forget the one red rose -- Crazy old lady -- "Hark! Was that the squeal of an angry throat?" -- Manatee gal, won't you come out tonight -- Naples -- Full chicken richness -- The hills behind Hollywood High -- The slovo stove -- Two short-shorts: Revenge of the cat-lady and The last wizard -- While you're up -- The spook-box of Theobald Delafont De Brooks -- Yellow Rome; or, Vergil and the vestal virgin -- Afterword: Night travel on the Orient Express, destination: Avram / by Ray Bradbury -- Afterword: Turn out the lights / by Harlan Ellison
SUBJECT Science fiction, American
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION edited by Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis

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