Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spencer Layton Society of victims every day someones feelings get hurt and it makes the news how about ignore it pretend it never happened and take the power away from those who "hurt" you my goodness people time to get over it and move on with life Angry Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry · Reply · 1 · June 23 at 10:51am

Spencer Layton

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Tracy Merrifield Im happy that this occurrence was made public. There is no place for this type of behaviour, anywhere.

People who downplay the seriousness of this are the same who act this way. You are the problem!
Brenda Steffen I do agree it was wrong and an apology must be made as well as proper HR steps taken but to say all AHS employees need special training and buildings need to be built? It was quite the list! A bit extreme I think.
Julie Ali It's the right thing to do. If you are the victim of discrimination you would want immediate action. If this happened to me I'd demand it.
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Spencer Layton Society of victims every day someones feelings get hurt and it makes the news how about ignore it pretend it never happened and take the power away from those who "hurt" you my goodness people time to get over it and move on with life
June 23 at 10:51am
William Linklater ^^^butthurt from others butthurt.
June 23 at 12:26pm
Heather Lamb It's in the news so clearly it's something that shouldn't have happened and the organization that the person represents have already made the statement that they don't support racial slurs. The person has been put on administrative leave so clearly the organization sees something wrong with it also. If it bothers you so much then probably keep scrolling . Your comment is indicating that people should just keep quiet when enduring racism as opposed to speaking out.
June 23 at 12:36pmEdited
Spencer Layton Hey teacher that kid over there called me a name!!! Get over it
Ryan Mills So if one of your kids came home from school crying because the kids at school were teasing them for being asian you would tell them to get over it?
Spencer Layton Yes cause they are asian and its just a name its a word people need to get thicker skin the world is turning into a bunch of cry babies call some one a name and it makes the news? When will it end?
June 23 at 4:49pm
Kirstie Motycka Racial slurs are much more serious than name calling...
June 23 at 6:00pm
Spencer Layton Oh god we are still at this? It was the principal to boot.... they should be the example to the rest of the school and show kids to move on let go and forget it LMFAO the principal is crying hey sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never......
June 23 at 6:03pm
Kirstie Motycka Spencer Layton people like you are why I hate people...
June 23 at 6:56pm
Spencer Layton Lmao and i didn't even call you a name oh man thats good thanks for the chuckle
Kirstie Motycka Spencer Layton don't have to call names to be a crappy person
June 23 at 10:06pm
Spencer Layton Well now you hurt my feelings now im gonna call the news station and have them do a story on how you hurt my feelings cause they hurt and stuff...
Darren Harker Ignore a racial slur? So it can grow and spread? Not a chance!
June 24 at 6:34pm
Darren Harker Spencer Layton Hey loser, some name-calling is against the law and you can be charged for it. Better figure it out before you end up on the wrong side of the bars.
June 24 at 6:39pmEdited
Spencer Layton Oh no jail me for name calling then call the police QUICK!!!
Spencer Layton Cry babies im gonna need a canoe soon cause all these tears are gonna cause a flood
Randy Jinkerson Darren Harker Seems you couldn't make it though the thread without resorting to the crime of the century, name-calling! You hypocrite, you're a joke! lol
June 24 at 6:49pm
Darren Harker Randy Jinkerson LOl! I call an idiot like I see 'em.
Randy Jinkerson Darren Harker And we call middle-aged wannabe hipster douche-bags like we seem you. You pathetic POS.
Darren Harker Randy Jinkerson Like Spencer says, phone the cops.
Darren Harker Randy Jinkerson Awwww, did that hit a nerve? Pretty weak if you're unable to identify and stand up to racial slurs. #weak
Spencer Layton I actually feel bad for him Randy Jinkerson he probably got called a lot of names as a kid and he's never moved past that like the people you see on the Maury show
June 25 at 2:43pm
Randy Jinkerson Spencer Layton Just a f**king douche.
June 25 at 2:46pm
Darren Harker Spencer Layton And you were the bully in school. Congrats Layton. We now call bullies dicks.
Darren Harker Randy Jinkerson I'm a douche for standing up to people who think racial slurs are ok? 

Do you both slur people to their faces or just behind their backs like the cowards you appear to be? 

Big difference calling someone a name and slurring an entire race of people. It's unfortunate neither of your brains are capable of understanding that.
Spencer Layton Randy Jinkerson i guess he left he must have felt bad about the names he was calling us
Julie Ali Spencer Layton Pretty immature aren't you?
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Julie Ali Spencer Layton Please do call the media so we can social media about your ignorance happily to all. We're all interested in ignorant people who don't understand discrimination is not permitted. At least in some places.
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