Saturday, June 24, 2017 - Red Deer News May 10 · AHS report on continuing care problems in Lacombe, Alberta to be complete soon Alberta Health Services

AHS report on continuing care problems in Lacombe, Alberta to be complete soon Alberta Health Services

Identified by Red Deer College students while training at site

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Jeannette Lafrance McLachlan Kudos to the nursing students
Julie Ali Let us hope they do not face the retribution faced by advocates like Ruth Adria of the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society which includes banning, removal from facilities by security as well as lawsuit. Families are also banned as the case in Grande Prairie recently indicates: Stephen Tucker added 4 new photos — with Tammilee Rideout-Tucker.
April 27 · 
PLEASE SHARE!!!! It breaks by heart to have my mom in a emergency room bed were at least dad can now visit her . A care home in grande prairie has abused my mom for the last time . We are now taking up space in an emergency room while awaiting for a doctor to help us find a spot . The care home today slammed the door in my face as I tried to talk to them. As I had to remove mom s belongings out of there so the abuse can't continue. Dad fought with them for years with documentation and pics plenty of proof to put them under . But everyone turns a blind eye to the abuse and call it un founded . The judge without any looking at foundings or proof just say your banned and any further cost comes to dad? How does a retirement man pay for lawyer fees. I want this banning my dad from the care home for a full year without visiting rights to go viral . He has legal guardianship to be her voice from a court but means nothing . How does the justice system work ? She cannot speak for herself . Please share the shit outta this . Media here I come.

Donna Gold Rodin seems to be an issue in many long-term care facilities

May 10 at 7:26pm
Jay Whopper It's because they've been monopolized and are inefficient
Donna Gold Rodin I think a lot of i comes down to not having enough staff. Too many cutbacks in that area.
Julie Ali It would be helpful to have the CCHSS audits and Quality Audits made available to the public to determine the extent of these non-compliances in the public and private continuing care facilities; without such information we are not able to assess the quality of care being provided. It's troubling that accommodation reports are put up for a short period by the government but these are also removed. I believe it is essential to have a permanent repository of all the audits conducted on all facilities in Alberta. There is no rationale why the GOA denies us this information unless the government is attempting to protect third party business interests or the reputation of providers. If the care is compliant why would there be any problems in releasing this data?

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Julie Ali Donna Gold Rodin There is also a problem with staff not being trained by the facilities or not having the required skill sets. Its both a professional duty as well as a requirement for the facilities to ensure that staff are working in the scope of their job descriptions; failure to be trained to do the job and failure to get the training at the site --will result in liability issues.

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And where is the final AHS report? - Red Deer News May 10  ·  AHS report on continuing care problems in  Lacombe, Alberta  to ...

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