Tuesday, June 27, 2017

pre-portfolio prep

I got mum from the parents' place and she is napping on the sofa. Soon I will wake up younger boy so we can ruminate on the portfolio.
The portfolio takes up a lot of time in terms of pre-portfolio angst. Most of my time is spent trying to figure out what the heck is required for the portfolio.
The applications then need to be completed AFTER the portfolio requirements are done.
I've had a look at Vancouver Film School in person last year and I am uncertain about younger boy going there. Maybe this is because I am university type person. It did not feel academic enough.
I am looking for anyone out there who has been through digital media at VFS and can tell me if the expensive year at the place translated into any thing other than debt. Please let me know.
So I am looking into other places. The Banff practicum will be attempted but it's always hard to get into these spots. Then the SAIT program which is basically to get him to be independently living with some additional computing skills as a back up plan just in case animation does not work out.
Animation seems like a high risk educational choice for major bucks invested. I will think about the various universities and colleges offering animation now --in June--because the applications need to be ready before younger boy is deep in year 2 course work.
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