Saturday, June 24, 2017

pre-investigation preparation

Because I am still sleepy I haven't begun my investigations yet. There are many interesting issues that I want to write about.
Investigations are sieves for me. I put out the net and collect the data. Then I analyze what the heck is going on and put my opinions forth. Most folks don't do this sort of stuff and if they do they become journalists. Investigations are not journalistic endeavours which require money for FOIP and such like. I have to do with what I have in terms of resources which tend to be my brain, the Internet and library resources. Occasionally I get a morsel of information from the GOA sort of like the big cats will put cheese into the mouse trap hoping it will spring and put an end to the mousing around.
But right now I am sleepy. The house is being readied for tomorrow's party. There are sundry cleaning tasks to do in the garden. Also the trees outside the writing room are hypnotically swaying and it's impossible for me to concentrate on the review of data in an investigation. I will listen to music and hope my brain neurons revive.
In A Town from Amelia Curran's 2012 Six Shooter Records' release Spectators. Lyrics: In a town, somewhere I'm ...

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