Saturday, June 3, 2017

nice out

Mum is here. I gave her bread slices and a boiled egg. This is the limit of my culinary skills. Now that it is so hot she is frying in the bonus room. The cushions are propped up against her back.
I took Helva in to be fixed. The alarm on the door latch was making us feel like we were in alert state constantly. We will have to fork out more cash. I am going to write to the CEO to get this problem fixed. I don't see why they can't fix it.
Anyway, younger boy is up. He has to mow the lawn with our push lawn mower. I did it the last time and it was hard going with the dandelions. Maybe he will have better luck.
Right now I am ready for a nap. I only had enough energy to put the mats into the washing machine and get them done. Since it so hot they will dry outside and I won't be stuck with damp mats.
Soon younger boy will be taken to the AMA to do the learner's test for the second time. I don't know why kids do not want to learn to drive. He's not in the least bit interested.
The day passes by like cars on a freeway. It's much too nice to sit in the writing room and watch the clouds morph into different shapes.
So gorgeous outside. I have to go out soon. Helva is being fixed. Also there is the test for younger boy to do at the AMA. Mum to pick up. And a walk. If you go out to the woods today you'll see such activity! Meanwhile my Russian olive tree is dead. Hubby pruned her and she kicked the bucket.

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