Saturday, June 24, 2017

mellow Saturday

It is very sunny outside. The blowsy frowsy nature of the trees, the overblown blooms of my peonies in red, white and pink are being echoed in the wild Alberta rose and the regular tea rose. It's all fecundity and excess in the garden with yet more ant colonies in the dried up sandy spots.
I made a delicious pancake breakfast and then cleaned out the fridge which has to accept the groceries for tomorrow's belated Father's Day party. I never manage to do any sort of occasion on time so we have to have these occasions weeks later. I am not even sure who is coming to the party so I will plan for maximum numbers.
This is the recipe for the pancakes; I used half and half lard and butter for the recipe with lard to fry. I know this is bad for you but my mother in law made her pancakes with lard and I have been addicted since then.
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