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Leah McRorie 5 hrs · Congratulations David Khan!! Alberta Liberal Party 😊 #Ableg

Julie Ali I'm very glad for him.
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Thanks to  Leah I get the political news before everyone else:

David Khan chosen leader of the Alberta Liberal Party

Vote held at party's annual general meeting in Calgary on Sunday

By Dave Dormer, CBC News Posted: Jun 04, 2017 4:07 PM MT Last Updated: Jun 04, 2017 4:23 PM MT
David Khan was elected leader of the Alberta Liberal Party on Sunday.
David Khan was elected leader of the Alberta Liberal Party on Sunday. (Stephanie Wiebe/CBC)







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The Alberta Liberals have named David Khan as the new leader of the party.
Khan was elected leader at the party's annual general meeting Sunday in Calgary.
Khan, 42, is a Calgary-based lawyer practising Indigenous law and the former vice-president of the party. He has twice before run for provincial office under the Alberta Liberal banner — once in a byelection and in the last Alberta election.
Khan has said he is hopeful about the party's chances in the next election and will look to capture centrist voters upset with the NDP and those left without a political home with the looming Progressive Conservative/ Wildrose merger.
"I think the NDP are going to lose a lot of seats — and I want them to lose them to us," Khan previously told CBC News.
Khan said he believes that under Justin Trudeau, the Liberal brand is now a strength rather than a weakness in Alberta.
"We elected two federal MPs for the first time since 1967 in Calgary and two more in Edmonton — I think federally and provincially, the Liberal brand is on the rise here in Alberta," he said
The next provincial election is scheduled for 2019.

I agree with Mr. Khan that the Liberals may pick up seats. Swing voters like myself can go either way -between a middle of the road Wildrose Party or the newly formatted Liberal folks. It's a matter of policy and inclusion. And anything but NDP in the next election.
David Khan is the new leader of the Alberta Liberal Party.
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