Sunday, June 4, 2017

Laps--Sunday June 4th, 2017

I went about the neighbourhood for an hour walk and discovered that most of the gardens were rock gardens with shrubs/ grasses/bushes/trees.
Oh well at least I found a few interesting ideas. I will put in some dark foliage bushes against the day lilies. They will add interest. I also found a couple of Ohio Buckeye trees in other gardens. One of them was quite robust and fulsome unlike mine which is still rather ratty. Maybe the tree needs manure. I will think of the compost.
 My brother arrived to take the day lilies and Solomon's seals for my sister in law. She would like some iris and bicolored grasses from the park bed where I have a nursery of them. I will dig them out when it is cooler out.
It's been a good day. I promised older boy I would walk for an hour if he read for an hour so I am going to walk every day in the hope he will become a reader.
After younger boy passed his learner's license he had no interest in driving lessons. I will phone my insurance company to add him as on eventually because he will learn in the ancient minivan.
Helva is now well. She no longer whines about the door. I do hope that the other doors don't develop the latch problem. It will be painful to write to the CEO each time. When I write about the door latch I will mention that it seems that the door latch problem on the Ford Edge is a well known malady and maybe the company needs to be proactive and develop a vaccine for this disease.
I haven't done my investigations today as it was far too nice a day to sit inside the house. The garden got a superficial tidy and the crab grass will be done as I feel like encountering the second colony of ants. The compost at the bottom of the bins is so nice that I am happy that I got three bins for the garden.
Soon there will be raspberries. I will eat them golden from the canes. There will be rhubarb to put in the dal. There will be ugly apples soft and mushy that will go back to the Earth. There will be peonies as big as my fists full of the horrid ants. There will be iris blooms but where are the blue ones? As for the purple clematis I am waiting for recovery of wonder there while the blue clematis clings longingly to the maple tree and the dogwood bush hoping for support.
In the end the summer day is clouding over. A bit of blue peels off like a wad of money in the dark hands of the clouds. The sun is gone like a child pulled in by her mother in to the house. All over the park the dandelions shiver in their fluffy heads as the wind tugs them into seed pilots navigating the green field to fly to a new home.
Where we go in the end is there -where the dandelions fly -in the deep dark earth that is full of my growing plants.
But for now-it ain't over yet.
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]

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