Monday, June 5, 2017

Laps-Monday June 5, 2017

I went for a walk about the neighbourhood as I have a pact with older boy that I walk an hour every day and he will read for an hour every day. So far it has been two days and I've yet to hear from him about his reading.
I went by the many small fake marshes in our neighbourhood where pampered ducks and geese appear to receive offerings from folks all about. When I got to the first big marsh the big grumpy goose and his wife were clattering off. There was a few duck pairs but in that open body of water it was mainly the red winged blackbirds employed doing their usual singing and tsking at the spouse. I often wonder why they are tsking and I imagine it is because there is so much work to do in the willows.
When I left the big marsh I walked around in a desultory fashion about the block after block of gardens hoping for imaginative wilderness but no, every garden bears the imprint of prison. Trees are caged in circular brick boundaries. There are pots of tomatoes stuck on the driveways of houses looking like parched silk plants. There were shrubs stuck in islands of rocks. The main dominating feature of our neighbourhood is rocks. They are everywhere. I also have rocks but they are small things that don't amount to more than one small bed where I have stuck my Sedums. They like the small rocks and the ants may be hampered by the scatter of pebbles. Who knows? In any case it was mundane walking about a canyon sort of place -but I did like the big fir trees and their Christmas ornaments of pine cones against the other shrubbery. I would like to put a big fir tree in my garden but since most of it is now occupied land I can't find any place for it and hubby has put the big flag of ownership of one corner of the garden with his mid life crisis red shed. So I can't have a fir tree.
There could be space for small clinging fir things on the ground like what I saw in the some gardens but these fir shrubs looked rather desperate and my garden is already desperate enough with ten million onions and the new beggars of the golden raspberries that have somehow leaped from the Catalpa tree area where I had segregated them to the more civilized beds all around them. How they managed to leap over the stone raised bed I don't know.
Maybe it was the birds. In any case, the walk to the second and third fake marshes was enlivened by the sight of many imprisoned shrubs and trees whose owners believe in a delineation of their placements with rocks, stones, raised beds, etc. It felt as if all these gardens were penitentiaries.
Where was I in this post? At the second and third marsh. So I got there and found a great commotion. My shocking find was there was a group of TEN ducklings being herded by one mum duck. There was another group of ducks with fewer ducklings. And there were many adult ducks as well as another set of geese. They all appeared from nowhere like rice in the mud of the field.
The third marsh has a seat so I sat down. The poplars were friendly and clapped their big hands. Ten million ducks zoomed towards me expectantly waiting near the edge of the fencing. Obviously they had thought I had brought them bread but since I eat all my bread there was nothing for them. They were bored and swam off. I sat in the small cleft of shadow of a willow tree and the hipbones of the poplars stuck out like pins in the mansion of shiny water. Well I could not sit there too long. I had to do the hour of walk to get the hour of reading so I went and followed the third marsh water to find yet more ducks. The ducks had a ton of more ducklings that were like fat furry beetles swimming in circles around their mums. The one mum made a sharp reprimand to restore two errant babies to her side. Obviously they were not very obedient as there was one duckling with the mum while these two had swum off. The milling mob of expectant ducks was vaguely disquieting so I decided to head for home. Once I got near the house I checked up on my nursery in the garden park where I had been planting for the last three years. One of my bushes that I have shoved in between the other five bushes survived the winter and looks out of place. She will be dug out and put in the garden or given to my brother. All the other plants need to be divided. I will give the divisions to my sister in law. It's hard to keep up with the crops in the garden and the soccer field beds so I will have to do some work on both the garden and the nursery when I have time this week.
Tuckered out by the walk I came home to fill the bird bath again. The younger boy and I ate the chicken curry dad made plus the corn I had boiled. Hopefully younger boy ate the corn. Just the most darling baby corn. I will have to find something for younger boy to eat tomorrow as dad's cooking is done with.
I have ordered a pile of books from TAL online as well as from the local library. In between prep for the lawsuit I will read. Heck I will read even when preparing for the lawsuit.
All the secrets of life are in the minds stuck in the pages of books.
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