Tuesday, June 13, 2017

--lake of fire issue----------So here it the thing. I dislike this sort of junk intensely. I see no reason to inflict this sort of junk on other human beings. Intolerance of any sort makes me wild. If this involves kids who have no protections against hate of this sort I am even more annoyed. Where the hell is Mr. Jean?

Is this Lake of Fire #3? Surely to goodness the WR would be now primed to kick out members who sprout hate?
I'm not in favour of this stuff and Mr. Jean should be leading the party at this moment in time and standing up to these homophobic folks.
Leaders need to lead and they do this by taking the high road and standing up for the most vulnerable in our society.
Where the hell are you Mr. Jean?

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Graham Thomson: Intolerant Wildrose members act as political arsonists in homophobic 'lake of fire'

Graham Thomson, Edmonton JournalGRAHAM THOMSON, EDMONTON JOURNAL

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Published on: June 12, 2017 | Last Updated: June 12, 2017 9:24 PM MDT




Graham Thomson on the Wildrose Party


The Wildrose’s homophobic “lake of fire” has turned into a tire fire.

It is proving impossible to extinguish.

The latest flare-up came on the weekend when outraged party members used social media to attack Cody Johnston, an openly gay Wildrose staff member, who had innocently said he would attend Saturday’s Pride events in Edmonton.

“What kind of crap is this that you’re mailing out in the name of the Wild Rose (sic) party,” snarled one detractor in a Facebook post made public by Johnston. “This party does not support this kind of life style (sic) and we certainly don’t promote it.”

Another snapped at Johnston about a “sinful lifestyle” and added, “Do not give the viewers the impression that this is Wildrose approved. What is Brian Jean’s position regarding what you are doing?”

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean’s position?

Most likely the fetal position under his desk when he saw the anti-gay inflammatory comments from posters who claimed to be proud Wildrose members.

This is absolutely the last thing Jean wants to deal with as he tries to sell today’s Wildrose party as inclusive and friendly toward the LGBTQ community.

Based on the bigoted Facebook comments, today’s Wildrose party looks very much like yesterday’s Wildrose party.

The postings dredge up memories of the infamous Bible-thumping, anti-gay rant that came to light during the 2012 provincial election where a Wildrose candidate had said homosexuals would burn in a “lake of fire.”

That helped torpedo the party’s chances just days before the election.

Then-party leader Danielle Smith tried to do damage control by selling the Wildrose as more open and friendly to the LGBTQ community (sound familiar?). She marched in a Pride Parade, then discovered social conservatives in her own party were determined to punish her for doing so.

According to Smith, who talked about the mutiny long after the fact, the disgruntled party members surreptitiously campaigned against her during four byelections in September 2014. The Wildrose lost all four contests. Smith said party members figured they had taught her a “lesson.”

At the Wildrose convention in November 2014, Smith tried again to remake the party’s image by declaring it would embrace a motion protecting “sexual orientation.”

Instead, a majority of party members made a point of defeating the motion, thus embarrassing Smith who, fed up, began secret talks to cross the floor to the governing PCs.

Now, the party’s social conservatives are creating headaches for Jean.

Jean’s response is to lie low and avoid reporters.

He has made sure Johnston issued a statement mentioning that even though he received “disgusting messages,” he also received “an outpouring of support from many Wildrose members, including MLAs and Wildrose Leader Brian Jean.”

Johnston’s initial statement wasn’t nearly so measured. On Facebook Saturday morning, he said he was “wondering why the Wildrose base is so god damn homophobic.” He also called on the party to revoke the memberships of his attackers.

Jean’s “outpouring of support” for Johnston and the LGBTQ community might have had more impact if Jean had done it in person by, say, turning up at the Pride Parade to march with Wildrose MLA Tany Yao, who was the only caucus member to participate.

Jean said he had other commitments — which you’d think must include not irritating socially conservative Wildrose members who will be voting on amalgamating the party with the PCs this summer (followed by a leadership race).

On Monday, the Wildrose did offer up party president Jeff Callaway in Jean’s place to insist that only a “handful” of people in the Wildrose are bigots.

Callaway said the party’s disciplinary committee will review the Facebook comments to determine if the authors should be kicked out of the party: “They’re completely inconsistent with the principles of this party, of respecting people and treating everyone with dignity.”

The Wildrose executive is determined to extinguish the party’s “lake of fire” intolerance.

That will prove easier said than done if intolerant party members continue to act as political arsonists.


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Julie Ali · 
Brian Jean should come out of wherever he is hiding and kick WR membership rump. A leader leads. In this case of homophobia, he should check party membership of the folks who made the hateful comments and evict them from the party. Without any sort of delay whatsoever.

If he doesn't do this I can guarantee that ordinary folks like myself won't be voting WR. We're looking for tolerance not hateful stances in our political representatives.

I can't understand how the WR folks don't understand that they are entitled to their religious views but not to imposing them on the society. It's also wise to remember that sexual orientation is considered private business and in my opinion--it's not anyone's business to push their beliefs on others.

Just unbelievable that some WR members are stuck in the past like this.
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Sean Michael · 
It's hilarious watching bigots, like some in this thread, whine when people call them out and try to use the old "you're not being tolerant of MY view" excuse.

Tolerance has its limits, just as free speech does. You're free to hold your own opinion of anyone, but the second you start publicly deriding another person or group you're crossing that line. Part of being a tolerant society means calling out hate prejudice when you see encounter it.

Don't like being called out for bigoted things you say, them keep those comments to yourself. It's that simple.
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Bill Frood · 
So you're saying that you believe in freedom of speech as long as you agree with it, otherwise shut the hell up. Then you don't believe in freedom of speech. You scare the hell out of me.
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Shannon Burge · 
Silly Bill, freedom of speech works two ways. You're free to say your bigoted garbage and I'm free to call it out for what it is. That's freedom. Why do you confuse this?
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Brian Deakin
Everyone is a bigot unless they agree with Sean Michael
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Julie Ali · 
Brian Deakin I don't think this is what Sean Michael was saying. I think what he was saying is when hate is present, we say it is hate and don't pretend otherwise.
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J.E. Molnar
This intolerant party is intent on returning to a “back-to-the-future” kind of conservatism that Albertans rejected in the last election.

Recent events clearly illustrate the WRP penchant for disrespect and bigotry toward the LGBTQ community and their continued litany of intemperate narratives towards this group is jaw-dropping. They feign apology after every tangled misstep. They are fooling no one.
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Dev J Smith
That's rich coming from you, one of the most intolerant commentators here.
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Jeff Gravél · 
Dev J Smith J.E. is not a public official or in the running for public office. So his intolerance is no ones issue but his own.
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Dev J Smith
Jeff Gravél Neither were the homophobic commentators. They were rank and file party members.
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J.E. Molnar
Dev J Smith you are nothing if not hilarious. Love getting under your skin — even when you spew your odious drivel.
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Dev J Smith
If you think someone who uses a fake name spending his days spewing NDP propagenda on various news boards "gets under my skin", you're even more delusional than the average Dipper. Get professional help before all is lost.
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Dev J Smith
J.E. Molnar I'm not a WR supporter. What is even more delusional is your perception of your own grandiosity. Oh, wait, that is SOP for Dippers.
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J.E. Molnar
Dev J Smith: Speaking of intolerance…what’s really delusional is your apparent support for the Wildrose Party.
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Bryan Evans · 
Dev J Smith how did turn this to NDP? Topic was WRP.
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Dan Belisle · 
If Molnar is in the thread, it's always about the NDP. It's his reason d'etre.
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Dev J Smith
J.E. Molnar I'm not a WR supporter, never have been. I am a Liberal, and very excited about our new leader, David Khan. That is where progressive votes should go, rather than the loony, deficit ballooning, oilsands protesting Dippers and their unemployed supporters, who seem to be on every new outlet spewing their propaganda 24/7.
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J.E. Molnar
Dev J Smith: WOW! Talk about an unhinged response. Remember that professional help you were talking about in your previous post? Maybe you should consider getting some. You obviously suffer from NDP Derangement Syndrome lady.
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Dev J Smith
LOL. And right on cue . . .
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Julie Ali · 
J.E. Molnar Why is it delusional to support the WR? Could it not be said that it is also delusional to support the NDP folks? It's just a matter of perspective.
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Julie Ali · 
J.E. Molnar The sad aspect of your comments is that they confirm that there is a lack of respect for anyone who supports other political parties.
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Cody Hammond · 
So your going to label the entire party for the words of a few? Well.... I guess the ndp are anti oil activists and have no place in Alberta. Boot them out! Lol.
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Chris Vining
I think you need to go back and read the article. Sweeping generalizations are dangerous regardless of what side of the fence you sit on. However, if you continue to protect them then you need to live with that. At least the NDP have called out the anti pipeline/oil movement and said they are going forward.. what has the WRP or now the PC's under Kenny done to deal with the openly so-con bigots? You don't want to be painted with the brush then you need to give people reason to put the brush down.
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Clayton Coroon · 
Read books, don't burn them.
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William Marion Sr. · 
You label all liberals the same
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Dev J Smith
Chris Vining The NDP have not called out anti pipeline activists. Some of them are in cabinet. Others are EA's.

I believe Kenney has addressed those who made bigoted statements against Muslims. Jean should address this, assuming the statements were made by WR members. But I think the first approach is education rather than isolation/banishment. Change comes with the former rather than the latter.
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Bryan Evans · 
If you read the article it states the comments were indeed made by WRP members. It's 2017. Not sure we need any more time
For "education" on this issue.
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Dev J Smith
Bryan Evans Education of ignorance is always the preferred approach.

The article states that, but that doesn't mean it is a fact. Are you privy to WR membership lists?
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Julie Ali · 
Dev J Smith Sorry, I think we should banish them. The education business is for kids and I'm of the opinion if you've gone through the school system you've been educated already. Why wait?
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Julie Ali · 
Dev J Smith Should be easy for WR to confirm membership and cut them loose. Or do the WR folks want a repeat of the Lake of Fire loss at the next election because if this sort of junk is typical in the WR you can be sure this is what will happen.
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Julie Ali · 
There is a difference between issues and people I believe. Calling the NDP anti-oil activists is not the same as calling people sinful.
Also the NDP are not anti-oil activists. Did you miss the $235 million "loan" that they just gave to big oil for the orphan well program? The $30 million from the federal Liberals also went to ensure that this money would be given interest free. If you ask me the NDP folks are even more captive to the oil and gas industry than the PCs ever were.
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So here it the thing. I dislike this sort of junk intensely. I see no reason to inflict this sort of junk on other human beings.
Intolerance of any sort makes me wild.
If this involves kids who have no protections against hate of this sort I am even more annoyed.
Where the hell is Mr. Jean?

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