Friday, June 2, 2017

Julie Ali shared a group. 2 mins · Stand up for your family members as the Tucker family in Grande Prairie is now doing despite retribution. Speak out. Face retribution. Sue them. And be sued by them.

Be polite, be kind and be relentless. Document everything via e-mail , tape recordings and letters. Involve all levels of government because they all are involved in seniors' care. They are all accountable to us -the taxpayers and they are getting away with sloppy work. The government of Alberta fails seniors and does this without any compunction whatsoever. Seniors' issues aren't sexy and their abuse, neglect and deaths--don't get the public riled up like the deaths of kids in care. The government can get away with substandard care, auditing failures and lack of interest.
But what happens if we say --"Not My---" and do stand up for our loved ones?
What if we all do what I did which is document publicly the system wide failures and the indifference of government to the plight of a severely handicapped woman who could not defend herself from doctors at the Grey Nuns Hospital who were imposing their end of life orders on her? What if we say as I did--"Not my sister, not my sister, not my sister?"
What if we faced retribution as I am doing for speaking of these system wide failures as is my right as a citizen in a democracy and still keep speaking out?"
What if we get sued like I am being sued and still keep trucking?
What if?
I'm guessing that seniors will become sexy for government.

Julie Ali shared a group.
2 mins

Julie Ali shared a group.
2 mins

Stand up for your family members as the Tucker family in Grande Prairie is now doing despite retribution.
Speak out.
Face retribution.
Sue them.
And be sued by them.
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April 27
 PLEASE SHARE!!!! It breaks by heart to have my mom in a emergency room bed were at least dad can now visit her . A care home in grande prairie has abused my mom for the last time . We are now taking up space in an emergency room while awaiting for a doctor to help us find a spot . The care home today slammed the door in my face as I tried to talk to them. As I had to remove mom s belongings out of there so the abuse can't continue. Dad fought with them for years with documentation and pics plenty of proof to put them under . But everyone turns a blind eye to the abuse and call it un founded . The judge without any looking at foundings or proof just say your banned and any further cost comes to dad? How does a retirement man pay for lawyer fees. I want this banning my dad from the care home for a full year without visiting rights to go viral . He has legal guardianship to be her voice from a court but means nothing . How does the justice system work ? She cannot speak for herself . Please share the shit outta this . Media here I come

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Julie Ali I hope you are making progress on this issue and that your family is OK.

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ReplyMay 20 at 9:51pm
Susan Tracey Thinking of your family. Is, there anyway you can get this on the news ie W5. Keep, posting it so this isn't ignored,anymore. It's,shameful.My, prayers 🙏🏻

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May 21 at 7:39pm
Julie Ali The Wildrose Party is holding the GOA accountable as in the case of the Lacombe long term care facility -have you gone to the Wildrose folks?

Recently we learned about health concerns at the long term care facility in the Lacombe Hospital.

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Julie Ali Cold Lake workers fired; also note related care issues article at facility.

May 29, 2017 8:40 pm
...See More

A company that operates long-term care homes for…

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