Thursday, June 15, 2017

I can't say the words of the clouds or the trees

although the buds have clapped their hands
and transformed the world magically

into the boisterous conversation of summer
although the limping seeds have become cotyledons

and then sprung limbs like trunks
I can't say the words of the clouds or the trees

I can't begin to describe the havoc
in the garden where the peonies are spilling their stream of petals

I can't explain to you of how the riot began
or how the dignified blooms became purple prose

and expressed themselves in violent splatter
of the iris       I can't tell you how this happened

although the grasses preached to me of the hope
that will be realized      I did not believe

and now they have transformed to their youthful versions
and the golden age of the grasses is over

although the cherry tree died with the gnawing of the voles
somehow    in some miraculous transformation there is a new beginning

I tell  you these miracles    not to dismay or alarm you
but simply as a documentation of the battles and the war for victory

somewhere in the past  winter lost the campaign
all the ice and snow went into the dungeon of spring

and out of the jail house came the singing of ten thousand robins
there is one now on the dead olive tree speaking about rebirth

and eternal hope    the thorns prick him terribly
but do not deter him from singing    and so

why should I forbear as well?  I will sing like that robin
the victory of summer is present    the leaves on the Ohio buckeye bristle

like the broom     and I wish that I could speak in tongues so as to exclaim
in different languages           I can't say the words of the clouds or the trees

but I have written this poem    the war is over now
the victors celebrate in the garden where the ants are fleeing

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

AUTOR Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya) TÍTULO Reincarnation PAÍS Mongolia ENLACES 1. La imagen en la galería 2012 de la web del autor 2. En el blog Art Odyssey dedican al autor una entrada con una muestra…

Reincarnation (signed) [Zayasaikhan Sambuu] (Gioconda / Mona Lisa)

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