Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I am a difference maker

All day mum was with me. She was very frugal in her needs. She ate a half a scone and two dates. A cup of tea with milk and salt. Then there were a few moments where I encouraged her to eat a piece of toast. Her needs are very minute.
All through the day I was fuzzy and not really awake. I am slowly waking now. Mum is back home. The younger boy is still thinking about his portfolio. It's something I have had to learn this business of slow. Patience.
I'm not good at slow or patience. But I find that decisions made slowly are good decisions in general.
Tomorrow I pick up Rebecca. Hopefully I won't be as la la la as I was today. Hopefully I will remember to be patient with Rebecca.
On the way home the parasol of clouds opened up and the dimple of blue was slowly shaded by the grey umbrella. The trees are frothy with green conversation. All the chunky jewellery of the poplar trees hang heavy now. The Ohio Buckeye learns about his nuts. The other baby one is now covered up by the floppy heads of the red peony. I watered the batch of moss roses that Sue had given me as a gift and I have still not transplanted them. Instead I put them in the stony places by the clematis vine that is still learning the matter of height and growth by the tap. This purple clematis is slow to grow and now June is almost gone at warp speed I am wondering if she will ever come back.
My park garden is humming with activity. I like to see the doubling of the iris there. Soon I will have them end their blooming and be ready for giving to family as small divisions.
Inside the writing room the geraniums are delirious with growth but I have not put them outside. Instead I let them spill their green leaves over their too snug pots and watch their pink and red flowers dropping to the side table surface in a mosaic of petals.
We finished the last of dad's chicken curry today. Younger boy had the last two chicken legs. I will have to get him a burger tomorrow if he won't eat my sandwiches. He has been eating sandwiches for ages now.
The slippery feeling of the clouds is everywhere now and the spat of rain that we had just a while ago is over.
Best to go read a book now or do an investigation. Tomorrow is another day of being in the presence of family.
The time of my life is spent in a circle of influence that is entirely family. In this family I am a difference maker as per this song:
NEEDTOBREATHE - "Difference Maker" (Official Video)
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