Friday, June 9, 2017

Hike # 6- repeat of Lake Louise and Plain of Six Glaciers

I've got a few minutes before I go to have breakfast. I've looked at the weather in the mountains for this weekend and it is gloomy (rain on Saturday). But off we go. Younger boy will be exposed to hiking in all conditions I guess.
I want to do the Plain of the Six Glaciers hike in Lake Louise again. We did it with the boys a while back but it is worth doing again if the snow is now melted. Probably we will only do one hike this weekend as I have to be back home on Sunday.
This is hike # 6 of the summer.
Here is a description of this gorgeous hike:
Yesterday my daughter and I hiked to the Plain of the Six Glaciers and the Lake Louise Tea House. It's a beautiful hike but the crowds are there unless you pick your times - early mornings, late afternoons or in the fall when the crowds have dispersed. The…
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