Saturday, June 10, 2017


It was pouring when we got to Lake Louise. Pouring snow that is. We had seen the snow and thought -well then let us take a longer trip to Yoho National Park but after seeing the construction on the road, even more snow towards Yoho and the rising river we turned back to Lake Louise.
Because of the crappy weather we were able to find a parking spot instead of circling like vultures looking for a kill site.
When we got out of Helva we wondered if we were mad. Here it was JUNE. And it was SNOWING. Mind you the snow at the bottom of the hike was mild. We saw that Lake Louise was pretty thawed out from our last visit so this gave us the delusion that surely to goodness it would be same at the top of the hike? Nope.
We did this hike for Hike #6 since we weren't sure about the Plain of the Six Glaciers and in any case we wanted to do a new hike. The Lake Agnes Tea House Hike was very nice but really it felt like winter as we trudged up the mountain. Views were spectacular. My feet hurt now and yet the photos of Mirror Lake was very cute and then we were on our way to Lake Agnes. On the way there was a fabulous waterfall and we almost went up further to do the Beehive Viewpoint but the snow was too mushy and we just gave up after we got to the Lake Agnes point. I loved the whole hike and it will be repeated later when the snow is gone and we really have summer.
I don't know why folks thought Mirror Lake was not worth seeing. It is. It is not Lake Louise of course being a small lake but so what? I loved it.
Both Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes were slurry -like in consistency as if they had not quite decided if they were liquid or solid yet unlike Lake Louise which was water all.
The trees were very painterly with blooming snow and the mountains were covered in scarves of mist as the snow brush came down in big swathes of white. Very neat. I've never had a hike in June in the slush of melting snow, snow drifts and sliding down the icy patches but this was worth every bit of the time from noon to about 4 pm that we spent on this hike. We took a while getting up and half an hour running down. Lovely.

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