Monday, June 12, 2017

Hans Smith Well if it isn't climate Barbie with an iq of 60 Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

“It is not for me to decide the outcome; it is for the minister to decide on a redetermination,” Federal Court Judge Douglas Campbell wrote in his decision.
Opponents of the proposed Springbank Dam have won a court victory that will force federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to decide whether...
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Colin Mann Princess climate change has to make a decision- this should be rich. My guess is damn doesn't go so the libtards can get some "social license" for the environment and they don't give a rats ass what is best for Calgary- they have written off getting seats here in the next election already.
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Kevin Munro Why shouldn't they write off Calgary? Even when they try to appease Albertans they don't get any credit for it.
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Colin Mann Kevin Munro - we are calling it appeasement- ok. I suppose it is only fair- Calgary has written him off.
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Hans Smith Well if it isn't climate Barbie with an iq of 60
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Julie Ali Why insult people like this?
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