Monday, June 5, 2017

Gordon A Marr More borrowed money to pay for it. Or higher taxes...

This morning I joined Premier Rachel Notley, Minister of Infrastructure Brian Mason, Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman to announce a new hospital in our community of Heritage Valley.
Our neighbourhoods have seen unprecedented growth in the last several years. That's why I'm so proud our government committed to hundreds of new beds to ensure our communities are well serviced.
This is a good day for Albertans, Edmontonians, and especially residents of Edmonton-South West. I could not be more excited that this government is committed to ensuring our needs in Edmonton-South West are met.

The province is committing $400 million over the next four years for the development of a new hospital in the rapidly growing Heritage Valley area. |
Julie Ali The NDP folks have been a great disappointment. I have been waiting like others have for action in the continuing care system but it is the same old same old of the PCs. What is the NDP government doing about the retribution problems faced by advocates like Ruth Adria and families as in the case of the Tucker family in Grande Prairie where the father was banned from seeing the mum who was a resident in a Points West Facility? What is the NDP government doing about retribution with reference to the Cold Lake mass terminations of workers at yet another Points West Facility? Or is the mandate of this political party to talk pretty and do nothing? 
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PLEASE SHARE!!!! It breaks by heart to have my mom in a emergency room bed were at least dad can now visit her . A care home in grande prairie has abused my mom for the last time . We are now taking up space in an emergency room while awaiting for a doctor to help us find a spot . The care home today slammed the door in my face as I tried to talk to them. As I had to remove mom s belongings out of there so the abuse can't continue. Dad fought with them for years with documentation and pics plenty of proof to put them under . But everyone turns a blind eye to the abuse and call it un founded . The judge without any looking at foundings or proof just say your banned and any further cost comes to dad? How does a retirement man pay for lawyer fees. I want this banning my dad from the care home for a full year without visiting rights to go viral . He has legal guardianship to be her voice from a court but means nothing . How does the justice system work ? She cannot speak for herself . Please share the shit outta this . Media here I come.

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Julie Ali I doubt this hospital will be built but I guess the down payment will provide enough Spin for the next provincial election before the citizens vote y'all out.

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Joe Wasala What will the $400M get us? Is that design and drawings? Or will something tangible be actually built?

May 31 at 8:40am
Thomas Dang This $400M is a commitment from the government to begin design and planning of the new hospital. It includes helping to secure the site. I'm confident that a new hospital will be built at this site, we're expecting shovels in the ground sometime in 2020. 

Hospitals are complex and large projects with a lot of moving parts, there is a lot of work still to be done for sure, but this is still a huge win for our area.
Margaret Blue What about fixing the old ones?

June 2 at 6:38pm
Karen Bouck McGinn Some of the old ones have seen much better days. They can only fix so much. A new one is the southwest will be fantastic!
Margaret Blue I am good for a new one - but the Mis and Alex need to be demolished and rebuilt.
Karen Bouck McGinn Margaret Blue, oh for sure. Agree with you 100%. Problem is we still need both until new ones are up and running. We are also in desperate need of a Children's Hospital!
Margaret Blue Yes! Yes!
Thomas Dang Our Government is still committed to making sure our old hospitals get the care and repairs they need. That's why we announced a $65M renovation to the ER at the Misericordia hospital. I'm proud we're ensuring quality of care exists in all the right places at all the right times.

A new emergency department is part of a…
Julie Ali Thomas Dang Why are we paying to fix the property of Covenant Health which is a private organization? Why can't we just have public hospitals owned by AHS? Why are we paying for a second bureaucracy at Covenant Health where the CEO and executives cost the system big bucks?

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Daniel Mateescu I'm not against great ideas, but this government, instead of thinking how to "make" money, they rather prefer to spend the non existing ones.

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Julie Ali I agree with you. They are spending money they don't have unless they are using the Heritage Trust Fund cash. Our kids will pay for these projects. In this case it is a waste of cash as this project will not go through.

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Charlotte Cooper Thank you. We desperately need a new hospital to help manage the population growth and expansion of the city
Gordon A Marr More borrowed money to pay for it. Or higher taxes...

June 1 at 9:50pm
Joshua Buck Infrastructure deficits are far more expensive than fiscal deficits
Daniel Mateescu Joshua Buck it doesn't matter, how you'll translate it, still someone will have to PAY for it.
Julie Ali Daniel Mateescu Yup. And that someone is every taxpayer in Alberta.

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Cecilia Latorre Maite Sofia 👏🏻👏🏻

May 30 at 4:48pm

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