Sunday, June 4, 2017

garden news- Sunday June 4, 2017

I was woken up by hubby to go slave in the garden. Without coffee and breakfast I put in an hour of work. Hubby dug out the ant colony that was displacing enough dirt for a downtown ice arena and removed the Solomon's seals from that area that were multiplying without any form of birth control available to them. I took some of the divisions and put them in the park area that has now got most of my displacements from the garden. The tree that used to be in that park area was killed by a young driver and so it is bare. If the city won't do the work of beautification I figure I can fill the bare public garden with my plants.
When I was done with the divisions there were three left over day lilies that I will find homes for. I don't want them to be composted but the garden needs to breathe and they will have to find new homes. The back garden has exploded not only with ants but the children of original plants. Some sort of growth has come back from the dead Evans cherry tree. I am suspicious it is a weed but I will let it grow to confirm.
The Russian olive tree looks dead. Maybe it is just as well. The spikes on its armour were taking out portions of my skin as I passed by it and the olives were messy.
There are many plants that seem to be struggling and did not make it. I don't know why. I am just leaving their skeletons in the side beds and hoping for resurrection.
Seems like all my cone flowers are toast. Too bad. Will not buy any more. In fact, will not buy any more plants period. The delphiniums still have their fungus and I am plucking them out and disposing of them. Once they get that fungus it is never entirely possible to get them clean again. I forgot to put in sunflowers so I am depending on volunteers this year. I have two rhubarb plants left of the three I planted and this makes me feel that there should be a third one for symmetry. The peonies for the most part came out of winter alive.
Well I'd better go have breakfast. Life is good now that the ants are being disposed of (hopefully). We still have the horror of them under the apple tree but I can't deal with that alien landscape now.
It is enough with the landscape that is being dug out.

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