Sunday, June 4, 2017

Garden news- Post # 2 Sunday June 4, 2017

After the dead stalks and heads from last year's crop of sunflowers were cut up into pieces and got readied for the garbage, I trimmed the lilac bushes. If I don't do this the suckers at the base crowd the area around them and sundry perennials get pushed around by the cluster of stems that shove them around.
I put everything into big bags and will leave the rest of the clean up for another weekend. The sun is boiling everyone outside and yet parents are forcing their children to play soccer on the roasting field outside my house. My own kid is sitting in front of his computer doing animation.
I got around to watering the indoor plants and found that the African violets were giving up their ghosts. I must remember that they need water more than the geraniums.
The sun is like a big ball being thrown at the poor indoor plants that I don't feel like taking outside. I have already had to put three clumps of daylilies on a piece of plastic while I look for more public land to garden in. If I can't find a spot in the place I have already usurped I will give them to family to plant.
I sent an e-mail to my brother to find out if he will take the refugees.
I have to avoid all garden places from this point on as even the trees are making babies. The Ohio Buckeye has made a child near to her and I am watching her anxiously as I don't have much luck transplanting trees. The Oak tree I was trying to transplant died and now there is another oak tree that will also not make it because it was left in the ground too long and I don't have a machine to dig it out so that the roots survive transplantation as a big root ball. Sucks.
But if I get the Ohio Buckeye baby into a big container maybe I can find a home for her where the Russian Olive tree has kicked the bucket.
The garden is stuffed. And I haven't yet dug out the ant colony by the apple tree. That area is also full of crab grass that has arrived there with the bird seed.
The purple clematis is playing dead but the blue clematis is suffocating the maple tree and dogwood by the side fence. I ignore the suffering of the two other plants as this is the only clematis that is thriving right now.
As I mentioned before the poor sweet Coneflowers are all dead. Sucks yet again. This was my second attempt at Coneflowers and never again. They were expensive and they didn't do their jobs.
Where was I? Gardening is done and I am to go for a walk soon so I can get ideas from other peoples' gardens on how to make a garden civilized rather than unkempt and wild.
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