Monday, June 5, 2017

first cherries of the summer

Because it was early I decided to go buy cherries. I didn't get back until after lunch.
 The cherries are delicious and I have enough for the week's work. Mum will be taken to Dr. Krysa tomorrow and then spend time with me. On Wednesday I will bring Rebecca home. Both of them will have cherries. I have a small bunch for dad as well.
Cherries are always expensive but then a meal out is also expensive and the fruit is probably better for you than a rich meal out.
Younger boy was up by the time I got back from doing grocery shopping. I also picked up mum's methotexate at the Dispensaries place in Millwoods but they will deliver the next few batches of injections; I had to drop off Dr. Sholter's prescription anyway.
Now that the sun has woken up and shrugged off night's blankets there is a warming up to the garden where the wet we got yesterday helped with the plants that were divided. I will dig up the iris and the grasses soon in the park bed where they have been stored. It's easier to do this when the dirt is wet.
There were hanging pots at the grocery store and I was tempted but refrained. The garden is stuffed with plants. No one can even move in the garden because the belly of the garden is full of onion starts. At least my parents are happy with the onion starts. I took a big bunch to them when I dropped off their milk and the two bunches of spinach that they wanted. The rhubarb plants are getting bigger and so long as we don't have yet another devastating hail storm might be productive this year.
I gave younger boy some cherries and a mandarin orange to snack on. No idea when we will begin driving lessons together.
Right now I am ready for a nap. Getting up early and doing the groceries is best to avoid the many people that cram into grocery stores and yet, a nap is a good thing right about now.
Sometimes it feels as if I have a crowd of noisy people in my head and a nap is the only way to get them all quiet.

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