Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dar Dealmeida Juli Ali I like you but sadly regret to inform you the Wildrose party is and always has been an old boy's club. Lol-----Julie Ali Dar Dealmeida And the NDP isn't an old boy's and old gal's club? I guess the fresh hires at the GOA are all strangers?

There's a mini revolt within the Wildrose that refuses to die.
In what was the worst kept secret in Alberta politics, Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt has let it be known he will toss his hat into the ring for leadership of the new United…
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Julie Ali Troubling that there is this push to unite the Wildrose with the PCs. We voted out the PCs for good reason. I don't want to vote for a merged party. Why would I?
The Wildrose Party would win the next provincial election without the PCs. I don't see w
hy any Wildrose Party member who has seen the failed governance of the PCs would want to unite with this party. 
Hopefully the Wildrose is not already morphing into the old boys and old gals club that the PCs appeared to have become.
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Dar Dealmeida Juli Ali
I like you but sadly regret to inform you the Wildrose party is and always has been an old boy's club. Lol
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Julie Ali Dar Dealmeida And the NDP isn't an old boy's and old gal's club? I guess the fresh hires at the GOA are all strangers?
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Dar Dealmeida
 UCP - Alberta's new joke!
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Julie Ali NDP-Alberta's old joke!
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Chuck Keil The real joke is that the NDP thinks it's going to get re-elected while increasing the debt to $100B
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Dar Dealmeida Julie Ali 
Guess you like politicians who will cut healthcare and live in a 1957 theology
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Thornton Randall Ahh the fifties the good ol days
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Julie Ali Chuck Keil I agree. The sad delusions of politicians are laid bare before us.
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Julie Ali Dar Dealmeida Guess you like politicians who pretend to be the ordinary Joe and ordinary Jane's party while becoming the new PCs. It's pretty clear to me that the new crop of politicians are poor imitations of the PCs we just fired except better at the spin to pretend to represent us. Don't remember the 1% increase to AUPE when more money was on the table ? What about the major layoffs at the Cold Lake Points West Living facility while the so called peoples' party ignores the people there? Don't remember the Hoffman cutting the long term care beds at Sundre while the Wildrose fought for the beds? Sure must be a lot of dissonance in the heads of NDP supporters these days. The NDP folks remind me of the PCs we just canned. Please read the information from Friends of Medicare which is a NDP supporting group and then talk to me about parties who cut health care again. http://www.friendsofmedicare.org/wodak_sundre Closure of the LTC beds was not an AHS decision. The LTC beds in the Sundre Hospital were registered as an Auxiliary Hospital. According to the OPERATION OF APPROVED HOSPITALS REGULATION Alberta Regulation 247/1990 “Every hospital shall require prior approval of the Minister for a) any proposed major change or termination of an existing service provided by the hospital ...”

This was a decision made without any consultation with the community, and the community is very concerned about the loss of the LTC beds. AHS is now planning consultations to determine future use of the hospital space

The current NDP government is on record over a long period of time, in 2012, NDP MLA David Eggen compared the closure of the long term care facility in Carmangay to “domestic abuse” at a rally to protest Premier Redford’s decision. Also in 2012, Premier Rachel Notley commented that the Tory plan to limit LTC beds and shift to supportive living “aims to force sick seniors to shoulder a larger share of their health-related costs and live in facilities that may offer them an inadequate level of care.

"It's unfair, but it's also absolutely penny wise and pound foolish," Notley said.

"These patients will end up in much more expensive ER and acute care beds because they are the last resort."

The 2015 NDP Election Platform promised to create 2,000 public long term care beds [not to close public beds and shifting to private supportive living], and to “end the PCs’ costly experiments in privatization, and redirect the funds to publicly delivered services. 

They are short-changing Alberta seniors by not creating enough long-term care beds and relying on expensive, for-profit delivery of inadequate assisted living and homecare.

Hansard records for Monday, March 14, 2016 and Tuesday March 15, 2016 show an interesting role reversal; the Wildrose protesting shutting down long-term care beds and laying off nurses in Sundre, and NDP Health Minister Hoffman explaining that they’re not really losing LTC beds, although there might be a slightly different level of care the number of beds is increasing from 15 to 40.

The Minister’s lines could have been written by any of the Tory Health Minsters in the last dozen years.
Carol is a valuable resource on issues and…

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