Results from the fatality inquiry surrounding the deaths of Jeffrey Bostick and his 11-year-old son  Jeremy were released Friday, and the judge overseeing the inquiry included no recommendations to prevent any other similar cases from turning to tragedy.
Jeffrey, 39, and Jeremy were found dead in the basement of their family home on September 27, 2009, the Medical Examiner found they had both died from Carbon Monoxide, and police determined it was a murder-suicide.
When the inquiry first began, Jeffrey Bostick’s common-law wife Deena Caputo testified the couple was under financial stress and in the days leading up to the deaths, they were in a battle with the provincial government over where Jeremy should be living.
Caputo said a disjointed system made it difficult for the family to access proper services for Jeremy’s care – the young boy had been diagnosed with autism.
However, Justice Shelagh Creagh stated in her decision that she couldn’t conclude whether those specific stresses contributed to the two deaths.
“I would be remiss if I did not mention that the evidence leaves no doubt that throughout his life Jeremy was cared for and supported by remarkable caregivers,” Justice Creagh said in her written decision.
“No one will ever know why Mr. Bostick chose to do what one counsel described as the ‘unthinkable’ to murder his child and take his own life. All that can be said is that in September of 2009 Mr. Bostick was under a number of pressures. What role they played in his decision is speculative.”
Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont MP Mike Lake, whose son also has autism, said such a case indicates improvements need to be made.
“As a parent of a child with autism I know that it can be hard,” Lake said.
“Every jurisdiction can do better,” Lake continued, saying governments need to work with support groups to come up with solutions to help families dealing with autism.
CTV News spoke with Caputo Friday, while she did not wish to be interviewed, she provided a statement that read, in part: “I feel the circumstances surrounding this event are still very profound and painful for myself and my son.”
With files from Ashley Molnar