Friday, June 2, 2017

Best to be happy. No matter what. And if you feel the need to testify, best to testify.

Because life is unpredictable I decided to buy Hermit cookies at Sobeys. I had ostensibly gone there to buy supper. Usually in my house I look in the fridge and there are leftovers. If we are willing we eat them. If not I go buy something for supper.
I didn't in the end buy supper. I got a beautiful container of blueberries that younger boy is eating now. I got a fresh loaf of bread just in case we want to eat a crust or two. I got the cookies of course. Mum wanted her poppyseed muffins so I got six of them. I found that mangoes were 2 for $3 so I got two for mum and dad.
As I took the goodies to them the heavens opened up to torrential rain. I heaved about in the ancient minivan, got to the parents, threw the food in and ran back to rush home. Then I realized I forgot the chicken curry that dad had made for the younger boy. Dad is in constant fear that his grandsons are being malnourished (which may be the case) and so keeps making protein meals. I had left the curry at the door as I ran out into the violent storm.
Now that we had nothing for supper other than the cookies and the blueberries we made the best of it. We ate the leftovers.
I'll pick up the chicken curry tomorrow when I bring mum over for a visit and a stroll about the house.
The storm has banished the sickly cow clouds from grazing on the pastures of heaven. Now it is pleasantly cool. The laundry can be safely put out. And Helva is going to the Freedom Ford place for the fix of that maddening door latch signal problem that is driving us all batty.
Life is good but unpredictable. Best to eat Hermit cookies. Best to listen to music. Best to appreciate art and artists. Best to carry the ships of expectations, hopes and what if's on your head not the burdens of troubles, sorrows and wants.
Best to be happy. No matter what. And if you feel the need to testify, best to testify.
Life is good but unpredictable and so why wait to be who you are?

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