Tuesday, June 27, 2017

and though you have signs and symbols

and though you are near
we do not hear you
or know your name

and though you speak clearly
we are caught up in the net
of dubious desires and tasks

and though you wish for relationship
we ignore you      these are the multitudes
who are suffering

and though you have signs and symbols
that you place on the road for us to find
we are watching the sky for the weather and do not see

and though you provide us with all we need
for the troubles which are designed to make us divine
you understand if we simply avoid the help that you provide

and though you trust us with your words
and though they have been given as food for our hunger
    we stay famished    and the bountiful table is left untouched by us

and though you have shown us your face many times
and though we see that face we turn our faces away
and we avoid  for to see you   to really see    would also mean we see ourselves

and though the world has been given to us as the riches
that cannot be compared to anything else    we seek for the dust instead
although all of this is true   what more can be said?   the world is not enough for us


NEEDTOBREATHE - "Multiplied" (Official Video)


Illusion Art by Armen Gasparian

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