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although this won't save you

Velvet Martin
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Thirty-one community organizations and municipalities will receive a total of $1.5 million to help prevent and end elder abuse. |
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Julie Ali Amusing that the GOA which is complicit in the ignoring of elder abuse is putting up money to tell us they really do care. Yeah right.

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I am requesting that all members of this group go to the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society Website and like the website. I am also asking you all to share some of the information on this website on your FB accounts. I am a member of the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society and Ruth Adria's work needs to be in the public eye. Alberta has failed it's seniors and continues to fail them. Here is Ruth's website:
and FB page.

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society Website. Elder Abuse and Neglect Advocation

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although we have come far
the journey 
has not come to an end
and we must keep going

although the road is cracked
and we all fall through intermittently 
the endurance of the mishaps
is also part of the journey of our lives

although we have placed ourselves 
in jeopardy          although we have risked
and been ourselves       although this won't save you 
for the society lacks values        and is splintered into illusions

although we all end up in the same place
with the door opening to the other world
that we don't believe in         although all of this is true
we take our splintered illusions and keep the real in this way 

although we are all playing at different games
although the wicked are raised up and the good are shamed
although there is no way out        although the collapsing cities of care 
tell us the solitude of the victims      although we go just like this

let us not be ashamed of who we are 
let us carry ourselves like the warriors we have become
let us be kind and gentle to those who abuse us
let us show what it means to be of the highest integrity     although this won't save you

Amelia Curran - In A Town
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The Charter Rights of over half a million senior Alberta citizens are being violated by Sections 4 & 5 of the Alberta Human Rights Act in that it deprives them of their right to equal protection and equal benefits of the law without discrimination.

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Barry Snell Thanks for standing-up to a totally uncaring government and for all your great work on behalf of all those who gave so much, and have been abused so badly.

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January 4 at 3:27pm

Founded on December 21, 1992
We believe elder abuse can be eradicated.

We understand that the nature of elder care is in essence big business, the elderly being the commodity. We also understand, that to challenge the present system, there may be retribution from those who benefit from and are protected by a vast sphere of influence and power.

We shall move forward, with intent and action, past the rhetoric and posturing.

We shall continue to identify those who abuse senior Albertans.

We shall continue to demand equal rights, equal protection and equal safety for senior Albertans.
We, the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society, speak in defense of the frail, dependent elderly.

Company Overview
We, the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society, speak in defense of the frail, dependent elderly.

We lobby for senior rights, charter rights, constitutional rights and human rights.
We challenge the injustices which are perpetrated against seniors.
We are raising the consciousness and conscience concerning the aged.

Those who have endured hardships, the Great Depression, fought two World Wars, faithfully paid their taxes and never asked for handouts.

They worked from dawn to sunset, theirs was a difficult and arduous life.
They welcomed strangers in their midst and never locked their doors.
They now deserve adequate, dignified, compassionate care.

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