Wednesday, June 28, 2017

-All AHS employees are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which includes treating all people with dignity and fairness.--------------Lethbridge Herald June 26 at 4:10pm · Two AHS employees terminated in relation to racial slur

Two AHS employees terminated in relation to racial slur
From AHS:
Statement from Dr. Verna Yiu, AHS President and CEO
We have concluded our investigation into the racial slur directed towards a Kainai Board of Education employee.
Two Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) employees have been terminated as a result of this incident. The terminations are effective immediately. To respect the privacy of this process and all involved, no further information will be released on the terminations or the terminated employees.
We will take this opportunity to reiterate that this incident is not representative of who AHS is or what AHS stands for. We are a team of individuals with passion, commitment to caring, and above all: respect for those we serve. Albertans of every community are our partners and our neighbours.
All AHS employees are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which includes treating all people with dignity and fairness.
Building cultural competency and sensitivity in our staff remains an important priority for Alberta Health Services. In our communication with staff on this issue, we have stressed that training for all AHS employees, and will continue to do so.
We have also told our staff that the true test of our organization is what we do next. AHS is committed to advancing the process of reconciliation with indigenous peoples and communities, and we will move forward from this incident together with our indigenous communities and all Albertans.
Candace Boyko It is in the training, it's a very specific law in health care, they are very aware this is not tolerated.
Sean Soucie Yea I get called whitey for telling them I have no change only plastic!!!! Get a job mofo!!!
June 26 at 7:55pm
Dayton Nabess I hate that, white tears are the worse.
Sean Soucie I love telling them you get handed life on a golden platter at birth and still can't succeed it's unfortunate haha
Amber Yanke People should be held responsible for their actions👍
June 26 at 4:30pm

J.W. Schnarr Lethbridge Herald An Alberta Health Services employee who allegedly sent a racial slur via text message to the principal of Tatsikiisaapo’p Middle School has been suspended pending an investigation into the issue. Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO of AHS, c...
Gaston Aubin You know there is always two sides to a story,I would like to know what lead up to this
June 24 at 2:34pm
Roxie Vaile Akaikiit'staki What, being a closeted racist? She was most likely a racist before she said that. She seemed quite comfortable in using that language, and using it with her intended recipient.
June 24 at 8:14pm
Julie Ali What lead up to the slurs should not diminish the fact that they were racial slurs. I imagine that the only side to the story we need to hear is the fact that she used a racial slur that unfortunately for the employees-was detected.
ReplyJust now
Cliff James Theres no excuse for racism. They should be fired
June 24 at 5:23pm

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