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Alberta's NDP June 16 at 3:56pm · Seniors have spent their lives taking care of us. Now its our turn to take care of them.---Post #1
Seniors have spent their lives taking care of us. Now its our turn to take care of them.
Seniors deserve dignity. That's why Alberta's NDP is investing in community health care.
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Julie Ali Seniors deserve dignity but they sure aren't getting it. What they are getting is more of the same spin and no action we had with the PCs. It's troubling but there you go. Best to counter the spin with the facts. What is the NDP government doing for seniors? Why is money given for home care and yet folks don't seem to get much home care? Where is the access to self managed care? Why are staff:resident ratios so poor? Why do families have to do the work of caring for their own in some facilities? Who is in charge of what appears to be non-existent oversight? Why are stay at home mummies, families and nursing students doing the work of Alberta Health, AHS and Covenant Health management and auditing teams? Who is in charge of the messes that are reported to us in the media such as the Tucker family banning case that apparently was not resolved by Sarah Hoffman's directive to AHS to create a banning policy / procedure? When will Sarah Hoffman request an amendment to the Trespass to Premises legislation to provide a route to justice for banned families? Why did government create this legislation without an independent appeal process when every other piece of legislation has the ability to go to court and fight for human rights? When will Sarah Hoffman enshrine visitation rights for patients and residents? For that matter when will Sarah Hoffman begin the process of enshrining all resident and patient rights so we aren't at the mercy of the powerful health ministry, health authorities and the continuing care industry? When will we get what we voted for --which is change in the power dynamic, change in the GOA culture and change in the deMockracy that is present? When? I guess when we demand it.
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Julie Ali This is rich. The NDP folks who ignore the plight of seniors in the continuing care system are advising us of the great support they give to families who have no options but take care of their families at home? The amount of spin we have to read is astonishing and what is worse we have to put up with it until we vote y'all out.
June 20 at 11:14pm
Marguerite Redshaw Wonder WHO signed Up
Edward Redshaw for this ???
He said he did not put his name up there !!! Interesting ???
June 18 at 4:24pm
Julie Ali Very interesting and very spinny.
Marguerite Redshaw They ??? Do this with other stuff also ... Not Right !!!
Leah McRorie Right but not by institutionalizing people. Segregation leads to poor health & early death. 
Julie Ali Some complex care cases will require institution care Leah. It's not all one way or the other. There has to be a compromise. You can provide quality institution care where folks have some chance of decent living rather than leave them to crappy services out of the institution. For some families, they have been told they can't get respite. The GOA is using siblings to look after disabled family members. This is unfair to parents and siblings. Government needs to provide respite and supports in the family setting; families with disabled citizens should not suffer stress, hardship and poor quality of life just because government refuses to provide appropriate accommodation in supportive living settings or in places like Michener Centre. Some folks need places like the Michener Centre.
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Penny Russell Leman There was an excellent program through Home Care called Self Managed Care that allowed seniors and those with chronic illnesses to access funding to stay independent at home. It ran successfully for years. The NDP government quietly froze funds for that program last year giving those who should have been able to stay home no other option than to move to facilities. Much more expensive. How is THAT quiet little cut back helping seniors. That is just one example. Those working the front lines know of many more. Political hot air. 2019 can't come soon enough.
June 20 at 9:04pm
Julie Ali I agree with you. The PCs at least were not dependable and we knew it. But to find out that the folks we voted for are all about their own interests while miming the public interest is so interesting. Who knew that politicians were this smooth?
Donna Kendall More of their increase in employment.
Julie Ali I just saw this video where the Minister says they still have self managed care:
Ron Orr MLA
May 9
Wildrose wants to know; can senior residents of private
facilities still access self-managed care for their unmet health needs?

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