Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A new hospital in 10 years --if at all.

Friends of Medicare Executive Director Sandra Azocar said the announcement will alleviate much of the strain hospitals in the city are facing.
"It’s certainly going to assist some of the capacity issues that hospitals have icnreasingly seen over the years. It’s definitely a welcome news for the community surrounding the new hospital site," she said.
The hospital is slated to include 350-500 beds and will be completed in roughly 10 years.
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Julie Ali I doubt this hospital will happen. It's nice to do this sort of publicity but really only when the hospital is built will there be evidence that this announcement is anything other than spin. In my opinion the folks at Alberta Health need to consider the needs of all Albertans-not just those in Calgary and Edmonton. Red Deer Hospital has been asking for an expansion for ages. Airdrie needs a hospital. Why are the perks only going to Edmonton and Calgary?
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