Saturday, June 24, 2017

a gift of moss roses

Mum is with us. We have to get ready for the BBQ tomorrow but we are so mellow that we're just watching Albert Einstein.
It's warm outside. The fluffy trees are glossy and fan like. I have had a hotdog for supper.
We got the groceries brought. I have ice cream and cake to buy but I will pick this up tomorrow.
I can't bear to watch parts of the Einstein series. How could hate overtake a nation and a world?
It is like the Pandora's box was opened and the vermin slithered out.
When I look at the story I wonder to myself that so many people choose evil. Its hard to believe.
Sue just dropped by with Portula in bundles. I love moss roses. I will plant them tomorrow if I have time. I have also to dig out the iris and the bicoloured grasses tomorrow.
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