Wednesday, June 21, 2017

15 minute walks

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Just now
Just returned from a brisk (and I mean brisk) 15 min walk. I have discovered that it is hard to get me out unless I tell myself it will be short. So I now am into short walks.
Wind like an injection of air. The push by the wind was welcome. All the neighbourhood looks gorgeous now that we are into heat and rain. The park bed that I look after is becoming more mature so I will begin to divide up the clumps again.
The younger boy is up and has his list of work for his portfolio and the Banff School of Fine Arts application on his desk. Whether he will do it or not will take my yapping. Of course the pile of paper from NAIT has not been done yet.
Meanwhile the house decluttering and cleaning continues. The basement is stuffed.
It's amazing what an addiction to garage sales results in -lots of stuff that might come in handy that becomes junk after a while and is donated.
At least I help Goodwill.
Meanwhile the matter of getting out to Rebecca. It is late already. Time to clean.
While I am here can I ask all the FB Friends who haven't already liked the Elder Advocates of Alberta FB page to like it? I volunteer with the Elder Advocates of Alberta Working Group and I believe Ruth Adria is a major heroine.
Here is the FB page:
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Elder Advocates of Alberta Society
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