Sunday, May 14, 2017

you can be the fool ridden by the queen of desire

you can choose safe silence
or you can choose
unsafe speech
and expose yourself
to the justice
of our society      such as it is 

you can decide to be obedient
or you can decide to be rebellious
but in the end
we're all going to end up silenced as the dust
why not therefore say the truth as you see it?
why not decide to be an independent thinker?

you can be the props in the play at hand
you can be the landscape painted by another
you can be the fool      ridden by the queen of desire 
or you can simply say who you are in your own plan
these are the ways to be in the world      you must think of these ways
and work out a method to free yourself

I can't teach you anything you don't want to learn
and I can't make you into the rubber or the cement model
of who you are                   you decide everything 
I am standing at the grave where they buried you
and I know      there was once a baby who was born
one day I looked up and that baby vanished

Armen Gasparian:
NEEDTOBREATHE - "Difference Maker" (Official Video)

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