Saturday, May 20, 2017

we're all part of the stream of love

and on waking
give thanks
for yet another day

and on resting
decide that the day
was well spent

and on rising again
keep going on the work
that  is the work of all of us

and on resting again
believe that what you do
small though it is     at least witnesses history

and when you are restless
for change     stand still and sing
for the institutions won't change for us

and when you are ready to give up
understand only that the people must wake
and rise up against the failures of the government for change to happen 

and when the darkness returns
look to faith in all it's permutations and shapes
for the belief you need to keep going      we're all part of the stream of love

The Annunciation (L'annonciation)

James Tissot


According to Luke, an angel appeared to Mary and announced that she would bear the Son of God. Tissot adhered to art-historical precedents for this biblical episode, placing the Angel Annunciate at left and Mary at right. Her white robes, symbolizing purity, set her apart from the pattern-on-pattern furnishings that the artist used to signal the “authenticity” of the exotic Eastern setting. Mary sits on the floor with head bowed and hands open, humbly accepting her role.

In a later passage of his published Bible, Tissot wrote an extensive commentary on the hierarchies and anatomies of angels. Citing biblical texts, he indicates that the cherubim, the angelic messengers he depicted in some of his images, are endowed with the face of a man and three pairs of wings: one pair to veil the face, another to cover the body, and the last used for flight on divine missions.

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James Tissot - "The Annunciation" (1886-1896)

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