Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Visit to Dr. Climenhaga done--Tuesday May 30, 2017

Just got back from dropping off mum at the house. It is 8:16 pm. Where did the day go?
I picked up mum after buying younger boy's raspberries. This was around noon. I gave both mum and younger boy a skimpy lunch. Younger boy had a sandwich with raspberries. Mum had a cheese sandwich (one slice of brown bread with cheese) with tea. I made her tea with honey/oregano drops as it seems she has picked up Sue's cold bug and has a worrisome cough that sounds very much like bronchitis. I made an appointment for her and dad to see Dr. Krysa tomorrow. Mum for the infection that I think she has and dad for the right temporal headache that he has had since the corneal transplant.
I left mum with younger boy who was supposed to be cramming for the driver's learner's test but I bet he was instead doing animation stuff. Well I had to go. I took dad at 2:00 pm to Dr. Climenhaga and we didn't get out of downtown until 4 pm. Dr. Climenhaga says the corneal transplant seems to be healing and yet dad has these headaches. We have another appointment on June 20 at 3:15 pm and we're supposed to ask the cardiac person about the headaches.
After dropping dad off he had to do banking and so I kept mum with me for the evening; I made a ratty soup that she refused to eat and then she ate a piece of bread with butter and hot tea/honey/oregano oil drops.
When I was done with this lacklustre meal I dropped her off at the house. I tried to get her to walk but she said maybe tomorrow. So the trick is to get her to walk before she comes home.
Dr. Krysa is tomorrow by 1:30 at the Imagine Health Centre at Windermere. I hope I don't forget.
Right now it is boiling in the writing room. I will walk after the planet cools down a bit. The dandelions were brutal to get out of the lawn and more of them are hatching like the alien weeds they are.
Right now I need some love. I will put some music on and surf Pinterest.

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