Wednesday, May 31, 2017

-#TheMatterIsNotClosed---As there is no further information that I can provide you, I consider this matter closed and any future related correspondence from you will not receive a response. Sincerely, Danielle Larivee Minister

#TheMatterIsNotClosed- I guess for Minister Larivee the easiest way to get rid of a determined activist like Velvet Martin is to get on the high horse and tell her to beat it. But why should Velvet Martin beat it? She is speaking for all of us. She is saying the truth about the poor performance of the GOA and associated bodies. She is telling government we're not staying silent about these failures, that we want penalties and enforcement of policy and legislation.
Most of all we are saying that the GOA needs to enshrine Samantha's law. If the NDPCs won't do it, then let us hire the Wildrose who may be more family friendly than the Notley Crew.

I suggest to all voters that we write to Ms. Larivee and indicate that she could have been helpful with reference to Velvet Martin who has worked so hard for the most vulnerable children and youth in Alberta. I suggest that we ask her to enshrine Samantha's Law.

Papainc Twopointzero
17 hrs
ALBERTA - Protecting Canadian Children representative and author of Samantha's Law, mom Velvet Martin, gets the brush off by Ministers in charge that do don't know their own laws and guidelines, and who oversees what. Astounding.
May 30, 2017
The letter issued by the Ministry is disturbing not strictly due to abrupt and seemingly adversarial response, but because observation of Policy is incorrect.
Family Supports for
Children with Disabilities Policy is the responsibility of the Minister of Children's Services, Danielle Larivee, not the Ministry for Persons with Disabilities under Irfan Sabir.
The Government does not seem to be well-informed about the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act; particularly, FSCD Section 2-3.
Please review Manuals:
Velvet Martin
"Samantha's Law"

Julie Ali
 I suggest to Velvet that she keep writing to the minister. We can all write as well. We're all paying taxes and these taxes pay for the minister's pay and benefits and expense account. Who is she to tell Velvet to stop writing to her?

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