Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This and That--Tuesday May 30, 2017

Because it is gorgeous outside I could not find any excuse to stay inside. I did a small walk around the neighbourhood. I will try to do a repeat later in the day to augment the hiking on weekends.
If you look closely at other gardens you find that there are many interesting ideas. In one place a lone Hosta was unfurling her flags of leaves by the boring fencing we have in our neighbourhood and it was interesting the contrast of the happy leaves with the dead brown wood.
Folks are chopping down trees and removing winter killed shrubs so that there is a feeling of openness in these gardens. There are plenty of white and blue flowers cascading about. The potted plants are uninteresting for the most part as they are picked up versions rather than created pots.
I had a good walk and stopped to hear the gossip of the red winged blackbirds at the big fake marsh that also has the grumpy goose that I did not see. I did however see a duck that zoomed away as soon as I took a picture.
The neighbourhood is looking nice except for the yellow buttons of the dandelions in the green jacket of my lawn. I have to go out and dig more of the blooms out. Every time I open the garage door to go out I am supposed to dig out a few weeds. I forgot this morning when I walked and also when I went to pick up raspberries for younger boy but I will do it when I go to pick up mum. She's going to visit with us while dad is at Dr. Climenhaga's appointment. I will have younger boy yap with her.
It's almost time to weed and go pick up mum. So I'll be off. Let me now go and do the monkey of to do list tasks sitting on my head.

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