Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This and That --Tuesday May 2, 2017

The solitude of early morning is upon us. The younger boy is still in bed. He got up briefly to do the registration but was stuck on one class that he had to get a code to register in. So he called NAIT but the registrar's office is impossible now. Why they need a code when they should just let them register is beyond me.
The early morning worms of light are wriggling out of the cloudy mud of the sky.
A patch or two of blue sky is present.
I have all the clothes on the bed as I am donating the clothes that do not fit. As this means I will have nearly no clothes left this is a bit of a problem.
Downstairs the laundry is all over the sofa and side chairs. I will have to do it before Rebecca comes home on Friday for a visit. I am doing this week's visits on Friday and Sunday.
Today we go to Dr. Shollter for the check up of mum. She is not doing well but I have some questions to ask about the feet supports that I will ask. I don't know if the shoe inserts by the podiatrist will help.
It's best to keep trucking as folks disintegrate all around you. The only possible attitude to have is a productive one where you do the best you can do but don't expect to save everyone. You can't do this as you are not a god.
The garden has lost its cap of snow and the geraniums inside are loudly proclaiming their right to an outdoor life. But since my Canada Day geranium got frozen to death last year I am reluctant to put the geraniums outside. That geranium I lost was a beauty and why even bother to expose my babies to such tragedy and not to mention the bugs.
The ants are setting up their villages of doom near the peonies and the ant killer stuff is not working. Why they persist in digging around my Sedums is beyond me but under the poor Sedums there are trafficking ants and their eggs. It's so disgusting that I can't even deadhead the Sedums.
As for the peonies they are highways for ants all the time.
I will have to clean up the garden soon. All the detritus from last summer is still present. I will wear long garden gloves and not touch the ugly bugs that are mulching the dead leaves for me. Last year there were slugs slurping up my Petunias.
Older boy is beginning his apprenticeship year two now. It's hard to believe he has survived field work without injury or death. The older boy was always the dreamy sort leaving things behind like his books and yet here he is still alive and without a bear attack. It's a miracle.
Where was I? I was donating clothes to Goodwill again. Soon there will be no clothes left as I don't fit into anything.
I better go back to it as I have to take mum to Dr. Sholter soon. Here is my rating for him. Some folks complain about his secretary but she has a tough job and I think she is nice.
I like Dr. Sholter. He is good with my elderly mum. I usually have a ton of stuff for him to do for her and he goes through the list with intelligence. He is a busy man so you have to be efficient. His receptionist is a nice lady. She has a ton of work to do and you have to all remember she is also a human being. She has been good with me and I don't know why the negative comments are on this site about her. You all should try to do her job for JUST ONE DAY. It is a lot of work doing Dr. Sholter's referrals, appointments and he is pretty booked up. Just be nice to her as she deserves all the praise that is not being given to her here. Both of them are productive folks. I would say that Dr. Sholter has been more useful than other doctors I have taken mum to visit for various ailments.
Check out Dr. Dalton Sholter, I found him on www.ratemds.com
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