Thursday, May 25, 2017

This and That--Thursday May 25,2017

The lawn has a lurid yellow rash of dandelions. In fact the rash was everywhere I went today.
I got up early to take dad to the Riverbend Dynacare for his fasting blood sugar and then dropped him off. Mum stayed at home. Hopefully she has her hearing aids on.
Then I picked up Rebecca from the Villa Marguerite. I had noted her T-shirts were ratty and so we went to the Walmart and got six more tops. They will be cooler to wear as they are all short sleeves. I got some pretty colours. She was anxious about buying them. She kept yapping that they were so expensive. It's the AISH syndrome manifesting itself. I told her not to worry about it. The fact is that the AISH Stipend only covers so much and the rest has to be made up.
When I got her to the house I settled her to do art. The art work is progressing. She has done a bit of pencil work today and then went over to colour. It's good for her brain. Art work is mind work. In fact any time you create your neurons are making new connections and it's abundantly clear to me that after five years in the continuing care system her brain needs all the neural connecting that it can get. I gave her fruits, crackers and tea with honey. Then I took her back. I got one of the PCA to take the six tops for labelling (they label clothes with the room number so that they don't get lost in the laundry I guess). Before I left I advised her to keep working on her art and that her brain was shrinking and needed the exercise.
I got stuck in the traffic by WEM and it was endless coming home. But here I am. I have the fish cakes ready for the pan but I am not ready to eat. Younger boy still hasn't done the learner's test for driving and it is too late today. Tomorrow is another busy day and we are off to the mountains so that means yet another week without any sort of attempt made to do the driver's learners test.
Oh well. The pretty blue curtains of sky are now splotched with grey clouds that are ominous. I hope it won't rain again as the garden has been plumped up by yesterday's drench and doesn't need another wash. Which reminds me that the laundry is still in the wash. I haven't done the Elder Advocates Working Group project stuff yet. It's amazing how quickly a full day perishes.

Time to testify to what I have for supper to younger boy.
Old rice.
Potato salmon fish cakes.
Good thing I had a nap while Rebecca painted. In between napping I had a chance to read a book. That's another thing I need to do-pick up more books at the library. Maybe after supper.
No time to write a poem or praise the rash of dandelions that if you look closely are miniature suns on the sea of grasses.

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