Saturday, May 6, 2017

This and That--Saturday May 6, 2017

Another busy day and the rain came down to tamp down the cottony grass. The fir trees outside my window basked in the wet. The geraniums inside pant while I defer watering them. I am pretty tuckered out and the stories I wanted to write are forgotten as I listen to gospel music. It's pretty neat how the best music and voices appear to be in Christian music.
After doing all the stuff I had to do today, I spent some time Facebooking. I have not yet begun the Alice Modin Award application that I have to do tomorrow.
Rebecca never got picked up but I will bring her home tomorrow for a day visit with mum who will also be with us.
While mum was with us last week I tackled part of the clean up of the front garden beds. I found more ant colonies riding the prairie of peonies and it was difficult to find ant free places. The ant traps are obviously not working.
No chance to make a decent meal today so younger boy had junk food. I will have to go to the shops tomorrow to pick up the fixings for a salad when mum comes over tomorrow.
Everyone is pretty tired but when I am at the end of the day it's a good feeling to know that despite the fact that the laundry on the line outside is now wet again there is another day tomorrow and they will get dry tomorrow.
It's best to think of the next day and the next day when today has been so frenzied. And yes, it's best to listen to music that speaks of the soul.

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