Monday, May 15, 2017

This and That -Monday May 15, 2017

I have to do Ruth's award application now. The day just vanished. Mum was brought over and I had her nap on the sofa. Then I told younger boy to look after her while I took dad to see Dr. Climenhaga. He is still having headaches and I guess the reason is that because of pressure in the eye that got the corneal transplant. Dr. Climenhaga gave a new prescription and he will see dad in two weeks on May 29, 2017 Monday at 3:30 pm.
The drive back and forth to the office of Dr. Climenhaga was a bit of a mess since we got lost on the way there and on the way out. Don't ask how. I can't find my way out of a parking lot.
In any case, dad had a headache. Mum was tuckered out and it began to rain. I have a walk to do in order to prep for the hiking this weekend. I haven't found younger boy's hiking boots and I searched the boxes in the basement for a bit this morning to no avail.
In any case the day is gone. I will leave mum with dad tomorrow and bring Rebecca home. I haven't seen her since last Monday since I have been so busy. While she is here I will finish off Ruth's award application and drop it off to the place in person as this is the last week I can do this. It's a last minute job but this is my life.
Before I even look at Ruth Adria's award application I am going to listen to music and write a poem of praise.
No matter how hard life is the alternative is death and I can tell you that the other side of the door is darkness and silence.
Best to sing and live while you are on this side of the door.
Best to praise.
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