Monday, May 1, 2017

This and That-- Monday May 1, 2017

Older boy has left for his apprenticeship. It's very nerve wracking for me to have him first go away and then do the apprenticeship field work.
While it is sad that the boy is gone, we still have one chick in the nest (still sleeping). Also I am happy older boy is becoming independent. He has stopped buying new clothes now and is doing his laundry as he has realized that it is cheaper to learn how to wash clothes than to keep buying new ones. There will be other mistakes like the bed frame he brought from an unscrupulous person that broke immediately but that's life. I was fooled the same when when I brought second hand stuff and you learn from mistakes.
The MedMobility people called to say that they will be at the parents' house soon. Dad is there right now but will be starting work at the clinic at 2 pm. I am taking him his lunch at 2:30 pm which is a turkey sandwich, salad and a cookie. Then after the lunch I will have to finish the laundry. I haven't yet touched the lawsuit review which is like sludge at the bottom of the lake of things to be done.
Tomorrow is mum's appointment with Dr. Sholter. It seems every day has stuff to do. I want to check on Rebecca as well during the week as she seemed very tired on the home visit yesterday. It maybe that she is simply not sleeping well at night.
In any case there is a big to do list. The sun is shouting out the good news of warmth. It's a beautiful world. Only thing to learn is how to navigate it.
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