Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the six month visit to see Dr. Hinz for the stab in the eye with the Lucentis injection

Most of today was spent getting mum to Dr. Hinz and getting the Lucentis injection in her right eye. I got to the parents' house early at 7:30 am as I wanted to avoid the line ups at Westbrook school and area. Then I found mum was still not ready. I was prepared for this as usually this is the case. So while mum puttered around looking for clothes, her purse, her stuff that goes in the purse, her socks and her shoes I ate breakfast (two rye bread slices I found in the fridge and a cup of tea).
Then mum puttered some more. It took until 9:30 am before we got out of the house. Eventually we got to Dr. Hinz and I had to find a parking spot. I left mum at the front while I searched for parking and found it two or three blocks away. Mum waited for a bit while I got to her. Then we went upstairs and it was 10:15 am. I got her through several tests and we eventually were seen by Dr. Hinz. Our last visit was October 2016. Her eye condition was fine for the most part but seems that there was a bit of swelling and so she had to have another injection in the eye. While Dr. Hinz did the stab in the eye routine with Lucentis I looked away. It's very icky to see the needle descent to the eye and I always wonder what if he misses and hits a vital nerve or something? In any case there was no bleeding this time and we were able to leave without blood pouring from the eye. I am to take mum back in September and they will call when they have the time ready.
Mum had to walk the blocks to the car. This took us a long time. Then I got her home. It was 12:55 pm by the time we got to the living room. I got her a cup of tea, some cheese toast and scrambled eggs which is the limit of my culinary abilities. I had the same and trashed from the exertion of the morning had to go lie down for my nap. The fact is that is it hard to keep up with the ancient ones. Mum was left to the sofa and the enforced nap which she did not like but there was an irresistible force pulling me to bed. Younger boy also had a nap and he was the one to hear my mum calling about the length of the nap business and so woke me up. It is now 4:13 pm. The entire day has vanished. The second cup of tea is before me. Mum has her ginger cookie and some chips to snack on. I have put a show on to watch while the potatoes for supper boil. We usually have potatoes for supper or rice. I have defrosted the sausage that I bought the other day and will make the spinach. Mum might have supper with us as well.
I haven't done the other work I had planned but at least my brain is now functional.
Here is the information on Dr. Hinz. He has ten million patients and it is a miracle how any of these doctors last beyond the age of forty because the work load is incredible.
Dr. Brad Hinz
Dr. Brad Hinz
Brad was born in small town Saskatchewan but moved to Saskatoon at age 2. He completed a BSc with Honours in Biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan in 1988. Brad was married and moved to Edmonton in 1988 to attend medical school at the University of Alberta. He then graduated from medical school in 1992 and completed ophthalmology residency in 1996, both at the University of Alberta. He then spent 2 years in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute in a medical and surgical vitreoretinal fellowship.
Brad returned to Edmonton in 1998 and in conjunction with his good friend Mark Greve, already in solo retina practice, started Alberta Retina Consultants.
For the past 12 years, Dr Hinz has been in Edmonton with Alberta Retina Consultants and an Associate Clinical Professor in the University of Alberta ophthalmology program. He has been involved in numerous clinical trials, peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He has a comprehensive Retina Practice including surgical and medical management of all disease of the retina and vitreous across all ages of patient. He is actively involved in training physicians, - from medical students and Residents to Retina Fellows. In his free time he enjoys golf and wasting time on computers but his greatest love is spending time with his beautiful wife and 2 kids – age 9 and 11.
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