Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday May 28, 2017--Quarry Lake (or so I thought).--The Highline Trail

Hike #5.Since we had a traumatic time on Saturday we decide we will play it safe. We will go to Quarry Lake and hike around there. We had seen the lake on Saturday and it looked harmless so I was calm about the day's hike.
We didn't get out early but this is because I stayed up late Facebooking on Saturday night.
Let me get a bowl of cherry ice cream before I start on the new hike. Now that I am on my second bowl of cherry ice cream I can contemplate the hike we did today with equanimity.
It was an unexpected hike.
I mean I thought we were just going to do a stroll about Quarry Lake.
Sunday May 28, 2017--Quarry Lake (or so I thought).
1) At 10:32 am we set out in Helva. The door latch is still driving us batty. The signal for the door keeps beeping. Someone from the Freedom Ford place phoned and said they would fix it for a lower amount. I have sent the e-mail to the place to get the details. As the Helva is obsessed with telling us the door is unlatched wherever we go it is unpleasant travelling in her and I feel very uncharitable thoughts about the Ford engineers who do not fix this dumb latch problem. But let me not get started on the Ford design team.
Where was I?
I got to leave for the mountains earlier than noon but still late.
2) We stop for gas for Helva. She is still beeping. I am sleepy. There is a shocking feeling in me to see everyone half naked without winter gear. How can it be summer? Everyone is in T-shirts and shorts. I refrain from telling them about tick borne diseases and specifically Lyme Disease. Younger boy is covered head to toe and I will spray him as soon as we get to the Quarry Lake place. Hubby refuses to protect himself and is in shorts and T-shirt but he is unimpressed with the data on the Lyme Disease problems and says that the spray will protect him. It's best to wear long pants even if it is boiling outside.
Light is bouncing off the concrete and there is a river of light wherever I look.
Trees are all plumped up now like they are being fattened up for Thanksgiving. Their leaves look fresh and glossy as do all young things. I have to phone about the car door if the e-mail does not work.
The car beeping has been going on both Saturday and Sunday and when we stop the noise it comes back on. It's like we're in a torture Helva car.
3) Piles of dirt by the side of the road like companions. It's very sad that we will end up as dirt when we kick the bucket but at least we're still alive and hiking.
Stodgy and dependable though dirt is I don't want to be dirt right now.
4) Slow mousing along of cars on the highway out of Calgary as we make our pilgrimages to the mountain parks. I see cars with BC plates on them and I wonder why the folks from beautiful BC are in wild rose Alberta country.
Double lane of line ups at 11:01 am; I'm getting used to being part of the exodus that only seems to thin out by Calaway Park where there is always a packed parking lot full of folks who did not make it to the mountains.
5) Sleepy. It's 58 km to Canmore and 80 km to Banff.
Lucky we're going to Canmore.
6) 11:29 am. Panorama all about me. It's pretty clear to me if I was drenched in mountain views all the time it would become old hat but as I only come once or twice on the weekends it's still very vibrant to my senses. Only traces of snow as the sun does her job of melting the ice and streaks of sweat seem to be pouring down the sides of the mountains.
7) Exit 118 Kananaskis Trail and Country. I have to think about bear spray just in case we meet with bears on the hikes we're doing. Mind you I don't see how bear spray will deter a bear bent on eating us but there you go. We must have our illusions. My hiking poles might keep him off but I doubt it.
I also want to think about Glacier National Park soon and the hikes to do there.
8) Exit 114 Bow Valley Provincial Park. This is another place to investigate for hikes. Packed road of commuters.
9) The wrinkled skin of the mountains reminds me of elephants. The trees are sticking patchily to the skin like glued on sequins.
Snow only in the seams.
10) Tusks of denuded poplars blare out of the green background.
Water is one big splotch by the side of the road. Silvery foliage gleams as we rush by.
11) Then the desecration of those two plants by the side of the big water. It's amazing to me that government allowed these plants in the most beautiful landscape in the world but there you go-two alien landscapes in the natural world.
12) At Exit 93 we turn right and then left. We get to Quarry Lake and stop the car in the overflow parking area.
At 12:00 we get past the Quarry Lake area and as it was tiny mouthful and not a real hike we begin the Highline Trail.
It was steep and hard for us but we did the loop. We nearly got run over by 12 bikers and there was only three other hikers on the trail. It's an interesting hike with streams, snow and wildflowers. I have pictures but I don't know how to get them off hubby's cell phone to you all so you will have to read this blog post of another person to see the hike:
Highline Trail - Canmore - Hiking Alberta
By Barry 1 / Oct / 2014

The Highline Trail begins at Quarry Lake above Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
There were waterfalls and snow on the hike when we did it as well as some very narrow parts where we had to scramble off the trail so that the bikers could speed by but other than that it was nice to actually do a real hike. This was a real hike. Even though this was hike #5 this was the first hike of the season --not as long as the ones we used to do but still reasonable.
We got home by 4:37 pm and so we know we need longer hikes. Mind you I was tired after this hike so may be the longer hike would kill me.
Now I have to think about hike #6 and #7 for next weekend.
. Word of warning. In this area, there is a complex labyrinth of trail created over generations of logging, mining, real estate development and recreational activity. …
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