Thursday, May 11, 2017

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Julie Ali
I phone Ford of Canada customer support 2x, I get a diagnostic test done to prove the problem for major bucks and then I try to e-mail 2x and fail. Finally I just e-mail the link for the complaint since it may be the size of my complaint that is resulting in rejected e-mails. The short version goes through. I am waiting for the e-mail for the CEO of Ford Canada now.

Hi, My husband owns the Ford Edge. I phoned your customer complaint number about the problem with the Ford Edge. My complaint # is: ...

My husband owns the Ford Edge. I phoned your customer complaint number about the problem with the Ford Edge.
My complaint # is:

I talked to a nice lady called Cathy (or her name could be spelled Kathy). In any case I told Cathy the story of what has been happening. On Monday May 8, 2017 to Wednesday May 10, 2017 Helva (my Ford Edge) has been putting a warning signal about the driver door being ajar. This is incorrect. Also there is a problem that the alarm keeps on despite my closing the door several times and despite the fact that the door is closed.  The car lights sometimes stay on. in addition the door won't shut with this problem and the lights stay on which depletes the battery.

My husband went on the Internet and this problem with the door is well known to Ford Canada. There have been recalls for the problem but not for my year of Ford Edge (2013). Why has there not been a recall?

I talked to Cathy that I am not satisfied with the response provided that the information would be taken and if there was a recall at a later date I could get my money returned to me. Why would I wait?

So I asked Cathy to get a manager to call me back. I also got an address in Ontario but I scribbled it so I can't make it out. Can you provide me with the e-mail address for the CEO for Ford Canada and his or her name?
I want to write to the CEO directly.

I told Cathy that i am going to write about this problem on my blog and on social media because this is a safety issue. Suppose my battery gets run down and I am in the boonies somewhere and can't get help? I also can't close the door when this problem happens and how will Helva or the folks in Helva be safe if there is another driver in Riverbend like the driver I encountered who was going to attack me for driving too slowly? Good thing I had my cell phone and was able to photograph him for the police.

In any case, I talked to Cathy and she said she would escalate the complaint which means I guess you will take it more seriously and not leave me  hanging with a major bill. She then asked about the diagnostic test. Apparently I had to pony up the $200 to get a diagnostic test done before she could escalate the problem. Such are the ways of the Ford Canada system I guess.

So on Wednesday May 10, 2017 I took Helva to the Freedom Ford place where they told me what I already knew that there was a problem with the driver door. The problem is an internal electrical fault in the switch. I am not sure what this means but it results in the problems my car is having.

After the appointment I called your Ford customer service place again. I talked to a nice person called Mitch. May I compliment you on the nice people you employ at the complaints place who have to listen to annoyed Ford customers complain about stuff Ford Canada should be fixing proactively so we don't waste our time and money complaining to them?
Mitch got the story and said there would be a call. Today is Thursday. There is no call. Tomorrow is the last day before I leave for Calgary. Now the problem has to be ongoing for the next week. Can someone call me and provide me with the cash so that I don't have to get my husband to work for almost $1000 for a problem that should never have occurred?

I've only owned Toyotas in the past and none of them had this problem.

I am unhappy about the problem. I want the problem fixed. I am willing to write to your CEO once you give me his or her e-mail address.  I don't see why I have to wait for a recall to get the problem fixed. Ford Canada is well aware of this problem and that customers are not happy about this problem.  Please fix it so we don't have to yap on social media for the next century before we get action.


Julie Ali

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Thank you for contacting Ford of Canada, your email could not be submitted successfully, please try again.

Julie Ali
20 mins ·
Another busy day so I did not have time to do anything other than whirl like a spinning top.
Good thing life is long or nothing would get done.
I have not started Ruth's application for the award. Tomorrow I have to phone Dr. Climenhaga for a follow up appointment for the corneal transplant for dad. I will take my mum to my brother to mummy sit tomorrow as I am leaving for the mountains tomorrow.
Everyone is always yapping how a stay at home mum has so much time doing nothing and yet why is it that I have to run away from home every weekend to get some time for my self?
I haven't even got to Rebecca beyond Monday May 8th,2017 where she had a reunion of sorts with mum who was at my place. They didn't do much on this day other than watch movies and yap a bit. Maybe next time I will get Rebecca here earlier.
I've changed Rebecca's home visits to during the week because I want to restart hiking in the mountains on the weekends. This week we only got one home visit in.
Hopefully next week will be better.
I'm having problems with the door latch for the Ford Edge. Helva keeps putting up a sign saying that the door is not closed when it is. This is annoying because she is alarming all the time. On the Internet this is apparently a big problem for folks and they are pretty steamed up about it. I was steamed as well because the lights stay on in the car sometimes which is depleting the battery and the door won't close. I took her into the Freedom Ford place on Wedneday May 10th and I had to pony up almost $200 to get the diagnostic test done. I mean I knew there was a problem with the door but I had to pay $200 to prove there was a problem in a circuit in the door. So ridiculous. I have phoned the folks at Ford Canada twice about this problem. I see no reason why I should pay upwards of $700 bucks to replace the dumb door that is defective for other drivers as well. The Ford Canada folks should do a recall and get this problem fixed. In any case I will be yapping about it until this problem is resolved. I am unhappy that this has happened since I am the only one using Helva and she sits in a garage for most of the time like the Princess car that she is. Why would the door fail unless the door has a built in problem that is not getting fixed by the Ford folks? In any case, I have asked to speak to a manager. I will go all the way to the CEO. They won't give me the information for the CEO that I requested.
Where was I in this post? Helva's door is a big problem as the battery will peeter out if it is not fixed but I see no reason why I am stuck fixing this problem when the door circuit is the problem.
I was going to call again today to the Ford Canada place but I was busy with mum and so I will call tomorrow if the manager hasn't called me back. The quality control people at Ford need to look at the Edge and improve the situation. The rear door on Helva would not close on the FIRST day for some odd reason and they had to change the mechanism somehow (I don't know how). Then the sun roof was stuck. It's like the electronics are goofy. Now the door fails. And sure as cats make kittens once one door fails other doors fail. I should have bought a Toyota. My baby minivan (the Sienna) which is now 18 years old is pretty good. Sure her passenger side door handle fell off but that was in year 16 and I could have replaced it but I didn't.
I have to pack a few things to take for the weekend. I have a bag of books. I have to return the library books to the library that are left but I will do this on Monday. I have some clothes. I have my thyroid pills and the allergy medications. I have to pack my toothbrush and toothpaste but that will be done. It's amazing how little you need to go hiking.
At least this weekend somewhere in Banff walking around the town eating a bun and drinking coffee I will recognize younger boy as my spawn and interact face to face with him rather than in passing. I will say to him--Hey, how's it been all year?
The only time we actually get to yap like this is when we run away from home.
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